MMA Fighters In Professional Wrestling

MMA Fighters In Professional Wrestling

6. Josh Barnett

Professional MMA Fighter and UFC Veteran Josh Barnett also got into Professional Wrestling in 2003, starting to wrestle for NJPW and various other japanese promotions.

Despite being an american citizen, he never ended up wrestling within the United States of America.

Barnett’s MMA record is 34-8.

5. Bob Sapp

Not only is Bob Sapp a trained professional MMA Fighter, aswell as a professional Kickboxer, he’s also a trained Pro-Wrestler.

He first showed up on WCW Thunder (TBS) in the fall of 2000, but in 2004 started to wrestle for various promotions in Japan, where he’s still appearing as of today.

Bob Sapp holds an “official” MMA record of 12-17, but his unofficial statistics look a lot worse, as he made a name of himself, starting a few years ago, touring the world, losing to the local MMA hero for money.

Those rigged fights (aka those that are confirmed to be) didn’t even make it to his MMA records.

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