Return of the Demon: Kane’s Greatest Returns

5. Kane Returns and Saves Lita (2005)

After Kane was bested and beaten by Snitsky, he was out of action for months. When Snitsky turned his attention to Kane’s wife Lita, the monster returned to save her and decimate Snitsky.

A fierce rivalry that was filled with memorable moments, none more memorable than this return. For the first time in two years, Kane was once again a fan-favorite.

4. Kane Returns with a New Look (2002)

Another one of Kane’s most memorable returns – this time, he returned with a new, shorter mask as well as new ring attire. Fans voiced their approval as Kane cleared house.

The Monster may have still been lurking within, but this Kane was cooler, friendlier and far more agile than he had been before. It was a fantastic reinvention and a look that wasn’t around long enough to be appreciated.

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