Return of the Demon: Kane’s Greatest Returns

3. Kane Returns and Saves The Undertaker (2001)

The Undertaker wanted revenge on the Two-Man Power Trip for breaking Kane’s arm…and he got it.

When Undertaker and Austin brawled throughout the arena, Kane made his shocking return and together: The Brothers of Destruction trapped Austin, landing a few heavy blows before the Rattlesnake escaped. The Ruthless Aggression era at its finest.

2. Kane Returns and Saves The Rock and The Undertaker (2000)

When the McMahon-Helmsley faction were beating down the Rock and the Undertaker, nobody expected flames to explode on stage and a monster to appear from them.

Well, that’s exactly what happened as Kane returned and once again, cleared house, not only saving the Undertaker and the Rock but putting everyone on notice – Kane wanted the WWF Championship.

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