6. Oz

Pretty much every single one of us has either heard of ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’, read the book or watched the movie. But does anyone think anything about this book or movie has the potential for a successful pro wrestling gimmick?

Apparently Jim Herd believed that to be the case, so he repackaged Master Blaster Steel (Kevin Nash) in an odd looking green outfit with an oversized ‘wizard of oz’ mask. The only reason this crappy gimmick isn’t ranked any higher, is the fact that Nash didn’t actually wrestle in that outfit and got rid of the cloak and the big mask after his entrance, before the bell rang.

5. Naked Mideon

N. Mideon (WWF No Mercy 2000) von WWFOldSchool

A naked wrestler? That can’t be true, right? No way they could get through with this on TV or PPV, or at least we would assume so.

Well for obvious reasons Mideon, the former pig farmer Phinneas I. Godwinn, wasn’t totally naked when he portrayed the character, but him wrestling in a tiny little thong was bad enough, i can assure you.

Much like many others on this list, this horrible gimmick served no purpose, as it didn’t sell a single ticket or PPV, nor gained TV ratings by even 0.000000001%.

If anything it drove people away and made them NOT watching the shows he was on, so not only wasn’t Vince making any money with this character, he was losing money …

Needless to say the gimmick was dropped after a short period of time. Thank god!

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