4. The Red Rooster

Story has it, that Terry Taylor, who was a very talented wrestler and a good worker, walked around with pride and a certain level of arrogance, kind of like a rooster in the henhouse. It has been reported that this is how the Red Rooster gimmick was born and while others managed to make a bad gimmick work, like Dusty with the polka dots & his son with the Goldust character, Terry Taylor just wasn’t the type of guy who could get weird stuff like this over.

He was a good clean old school type of technical mat wrestler, that could work a good match with pretty much everyone, but his acting skills weren’t exactly good, so putting such a horrible gimmick on him, made him feel somewhat offended.

Him doing rooster noises and his rooster style hair wasn’t going to get that gimmick over. And, of course, it didn’t.

Some say it’s the worst gimmick of all time, but we found 3 that are even worse!

3. The Shockmaster

Literally THE single worst debut in Professional Wrestling history from a serious standpoint, but at the same time funny as hell from another point of view …

I bet when he slipped and fell down, thus losing his twinkling Star Wars storm trooper helmet, former WWF Superstar Tugboat aka Typhoon wished he had stayed with the World Wrestling Federation, instead of jumping ship earlier that year.

His WCW career basically ended before it really began, because of that messed up debut.

On the positive side, fans still talk about this moment today … so that’s at least something.

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