2. The Gobbledy Gooker

A lot of people consider this THE single worst gimmick in professional wrestling history, and to be honest, they’re not wrong per se either, as our #2 and #1 are pretty much head-to-head on which is the worse than the other. Poor Hector Guerrero, member of the famous Guerrero Family, brother of the legendaray WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero, was wearing a turkey costume and came out of an egg Live on PPV at Survivor Series 1990.

Literally every single fan that night, at home and in the arena, expected a big surprise in that egg, but when the secret was exposed and the egg opened, out came a turkey mascot that danced in the ring with Mean Gene. There wasn’t anyone who wasn’t dissapointed about this, so the entire storyline backfired big time and didn’t have 1 single positive aspect whatsoever.

It just sucked really bad and didn’t serve any purpose either, because guess what, they wouldn’t even let Hector wrestle in that gimmick, expect for being an entrant in the Gimmick Battle Royal 11 years later.

A wrestling mascot that didn’t wrestle … worst surprise EVER!

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