1. The Ding Dongs

*Ding-a-ling* … our undisputed #1 WORST GIMMICK IN PRO WRESTLING HISTORY is brought to you by none other than Jim Herd himself.

Originally he wanted a team called The Hunchbacks, who couldn’t get pinned because of the humps on their back, but when his booker Ole Andrson informed Herd that they could still be submitted, Herd realized that his idea wasn’t as good as he originally thought it was. The former Pizza Hut Manager Jim Herd had no clue about the professional wrestling business and people like him should never have a saying in this sport whatsoever, but thanks to Ted Turner hiring him as WCW President, he did have full control over the #2 wrestling company on the planet at that time.

After dropping the Hunchbacks idea, he came up with The Ding Dongs in the summer of 1989, a masked team that had the wrestler that wasn’t currently active in the ring, ring a bell until a tag took place and then the other wrestler would continue to ring that bell.

They brought that bell with them and had the fans ringing it during their entrance and after the match.

What? That makes no sense? Damn right it doesn’t, but that was basically their only gimmick, other than that they were just 2 random generic guys in orange full body spandex gear & masks.

While most of the other characters on this list were all portrayed by major names that were WWF/WCW/ECW Superstars for years (mostly using different gimmicks though), The Ding Dongs didn’t even have that star power bonus, as they were Jim Evans and Richard Sartain under the masks, 2 wrestlers most people have never heard about.

Evans used to be a rare jobber on WWF TV in the late 80s and Sartain had a short run as WCW Jobber that year.

Not exactly the best choices for a successful tag team, but then again, with that horrible gimmick, literally NOBODY could’ve made that work. Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior couldn’t have turned that crap into a success.

Needless to say, the gimmick was dropped after a few weeks.

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