11. Phantasio

Actually this character is mostly remembered from WWE mentioning him in Youtube videos and magazines, than by people who actually watched his 1 (!!!) televised WWF match in 1995. That says a lot about a gimmick, when it gets dropped after only 1 match on TV, wouldn’t you say? Under the face paint was USWA Memphis Wrestling Wrestler Harry Del Rios, but to be fair nobody would’ve gotten this gimmick over.

A wrestling magician? Really? The character wrestled one more match at an untelevised house show, but wasn’t used again after that.

10. Who

Who is this … Who made the list … Who is the #10 on this list … Who was under the mask … Who was a pretty crappy gimmick … Who wrestled one WWF TV in 1996 …

Who was Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart … oh well, after the first 2 or 3 times the joke gets old pretty quickly, and the same thing happened to this character.

Vince himself failed to bring Neidhart back as himself, an obvious decision considering he was an established veteran at that point already and everyone knew who he was, but no, McMahon had other plans for him.

Neidhart would appear as a masked heel called “Who”, just so Vince & Lawler, or whoever else was doing commentary for the respective match, could do “Who’s on First?” style jokes during his matches.

Pretty bad gimmick, but at least worth a few jokes, so it’s not ranked any higher here.

9. Battle Kat

Do you remember the Masters of the Universe animation tv series of the 80s?

Apparently Vince McMahon or one of his then agents or bookers was a fan, so he created a wrestler based on the fictional character from the show ‘Battle Cat’.

In order not to risk a potential law suit, the C became a K and the character became known as Battle Kat.

A wrestler with a cat mask … why anyone thought this would get over with the fans, is truly beyond me.

This 1990 character was portrayed by Brady Boone and later on by Bob Bradley.

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