8. Arachnaman

Spider Man himself appearing in WCW? Well, a Spider Man gimmick nonetheless. Not possible though, because the Spider Man franchise was owned by Marvel Comics and they would sue WCW for copyright infringement.

So WCW called the Spider Man inspired gimmick “Arachnaman” (sometimes also spelled Arachniman on TV) in order to avoid legal troubles. AND … you guessed it right … still got threatened with a potential law suit by Marvel Comics. Poor Brad Armstrong, who was actually a very talented Wrestler and a great worker, but nobody could get a Spider Man gimmick over at any point in time, so it really wasn’t his fault.

7. Fake Diesel & Fake Razor Ramon

What does Vince McMahon do when 2 of his biggest stars leave but he still holds the legal rights to both of their fictional TV characters?

Exactly, just put the gimmicks on 2 other wrestlers who look the part as far as size goes.

Maybe the Fans won’t notice that the characters are now portrayed by other people, right?

WRONG! It was a disgrace and whoever thought this would work out, must have been delusional.

This is the second time Glenn Jacobs made this list, as he portrayed the fake Diesel, while Rick Bognar portrayed the fake version of Razor Ramon.

Both were sent down to the USWA to work on their skills, before the gimmick was eventually dropped.

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