WWF All American Wrestling (1993)

All American Wrestling 1/10/93:
Gene Okerlund & Bobby Heenan in New York City
Undertaker vs. Scott Zappa (Superstars 1/9/93)
Kamala vs. Todd Becker + aligning with Slick (Superstars 1/9/93)
Special Report – Razor Ramon attacks Owen Hart on WWF Mania (Challenge 1/10/93)
Headshrinkers vs. Scott Colton & Carl Almont (Challenge 1/10/93)
Event center – Ted DiBiase + Macho Man
Marty Jannetty vs. Repo Man – joined in progress (Madison, WI 12/15/92)
Raymond Rougeau interviews Doink (Superstars 1/9/93)
Royal Rumble Report
Steiner Brothers vs. Rock Werner & Butch Banks (Superstars 1/9/93)

All American Wrestling 1/17/93 MISSING

All American Wrestling 1/24/93 incomplete:
Gene Okerlund & Bobby Heenan in New York City
Marty Jannetty vs. Ken Johnson (Superstars 1/23/93)

All American Wrestling 1/31/93 MISSING

All American Wrestling 2/7/93 MISSING

All American Wrestling 2/14/93 incomplete:
Gene Okerlund & Bobby Heenan in Las Vegas at Caesar’s Palace
First match cut out (Challenge 2/14/93?)
Special Report – Yokozuna/Jim Duggan incident
WrestleMania IX promo
Doink vs. Bobby Young (Challenge 2/14/93)
Event Center – Shawn Michaels + Mr. Perfect
Big Boss Man Headlock on Hunger promo
WrestleMania IX Report
Headshrinkers vs. El Matador & Virgil – joined in progress (Green Bay, WI 12/14/92)

All American Wrestling 2/21/93 incomplete:
Gene Okerlund & Bobby Heenan in Long Beach, CA
Steiner Brothers vs. Gary Key & Larry Ludden (Challenge 2/21/93)
WrestleMania IX promo
On Tour Dates
Mr. Perfect Headlock on Hunger promo
Crush vs. Al Burke (Challenge 2/21/93)

All American Wrestling 2/28/93:
Gene Okerlund & Bobby Heenan in San Diego, CA
Mr. Perfect vignette – Basketball
Lex Luger vs. Jim Powers (Superstars 2/27/93)
On Tour Dates
Hulk Hogan return and Mega-Maniacs formation (Raw 2/22/93)
16-Man Battle Royal (Raw 2/15/93)
Chief Duggan phone call to Vince McMahon
Kamala vs. Ed Moretti (Challenge 2/28/93)

All American Wrestling 3/7/93:
Gene Okerlund & Bobby Heenan in Philadelphia, PA
Comments Mega-Maniacs & Jimmy Hart
Steiner Brothers vs. Bill Marcetti & Dan Farren (Superstars 3/6/93)
WrestleMania IX promo
All American Exclusive – Typhoon vs. Tim Patterson (Long Beach, CA 2/15/93)
Crush in Hawaii promo
Doink vs. Joey Maggs (Challenge 3/7/93)
Clips of Tatanka vs. Shawn Michaels from Superstars 2/13/93
Tatanka & Nasty Boys vs. Shawn Michaels & Beverly Brothers (Raw 2/22/93)
WrestleMania IX promo
Hacksaw Jim Duggan comments
Yokozuna vs. Raven Clark (Challenge 3/7/93)

All American Wrestling 3/14/93:
Gene Okerlund & Bobby Heenan in Philadelphia, PA
Nasty Boys vs. Ed Acre & White Shadow (Superstars 3/13/93)
WrestleMania IX promo
All American Exclusive – Giant Gonzalez vs. Jim Powers (Fresno, CA 1/26/93)
Mr. Perfect vignette – perfect goaltender
Lex Luger vs. Joey Maggs (Superstars 3/13/93)
Event Center – Crush + Giant Gonzalez & Harvey Whippleman

All American Wrestling 3/21/93:
Gene Okerlund & Bobby Heenan in New York City
All American Exclusive – Owen Hart vs. Skinner (Fayetteville, NC 3/7/93)
WrestleMania IX promo
Headshrinkers vs. Jesse Storm & Mark Ming (Challenge 3/21/93)
Comments Yokozuna & Mr. Fuji
Comments Mega-Maniacs & Jimmy Hart
Crush promo
Randy Savage & Rev. Jesse Jackson Headlock on Hunger promo
All American Exclusive – Tatanka vs. Blake Beverly (Fayetteville, NC 3/7/93)
Raymond Rougeau interviews Lex Luger (Superstars 3/21/93)
Giant Gonzalez & Harvey Whippleman promo

All American Wrestling 3/28/93:
Gene Okerlund & Bobby Heenan at WWF Headquarters
Bret Hart & Yokozuna Contract Signing (Challenge 3/28/93)
Crush vs. Lee Armstrong (Superstars 3/27/93)
Headshrinkers vs. ? & ? (Superstars 3/27/93)
Comments Money Inc.
Comments Mega-Maniacs & Jimmy Hart
Bushwhackers vs. Repo Man & Damian Demento (Raw 3/22/93)
Andre the Giant Hall of Fame video
Lex Luger vs. ? (Superstars 3/27/93)
WrestleMania IX promo

All American Wrestling 4/4/93:
Gene Okerlund & Bobby Heenan in Las Vegas at Caesar’s Palace
Bret Hart “Respect” music video
All American Exclusive – Doink vs. Bob Backlund (Fayetteville, NC 3/7/93)
Crush in Hawaii promo
Giant Gonzalez vs. Virgil (Superstars 4/3/93)
Undertaker & Paul Bearer promo
Kamala vs. Chris Katowski (Challenge 4/4/93)
Money Inc. vs. Jeff Armstrong & ? (Raw 3/22/93)
Gene Okerlund interviews Mega-Maniacs & Jimmy Hart (Superstars 4/3/93)
Lex Luger vs. Tom Italy (Challenge 4/4/93)
WrestleMania music video

All American Wrestling 4/11/93:
Gene Okerlund & Bobby Heenan in Phoenix, AZ
Tiger Jackson vs. Little Louie (Challenge 4/11/93)
Kamala vs. Duane Gill (Superstars 4/10/93)
Mr. Hughes vs. JD Stryker (Challenge 4/11/93)
All American Exclusive – Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Damian Demento (Augusta, GA 3/9/93)
Lex Luger vs. Dale Wolfe (Superstars 4/10/93)
WrestleMania IX Report
Terry Taylor vs. Joey Maggs (Challenge 4/11/93)
Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Reno Riggins (Challenge 4/11/93)

All American Wrestling 4/18/93:
Owen Hart vs. Bam Bam Bigelow (Superstars 4/17/93)
Steiner Brothers vs. Executioners (Challenge 4/11/93)
Highlights of Sensational Sherri/Luna Vachon brawl from Monday Night Raw
El Matador vs. Dale Wolfe (Challenge 4/18/93)
Yokozuna vs. Typhoon (North Charleston, SC 3/8/93)
Mr. Perfect vs. Barry Hardy (Superstars 4/17/93)
Doink vs. Jim Powers (Challenge 4/18/93)
Highlights of Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels Ladder Match from Smack Em Whack Em

All American Wrestling 4/25/93 – special 500th episode:
Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Tim Patterson (Superstars 4/24/93)
All American 1985 clips with Gene Okerlund
All American 1987 clips with Gene & Lord Alfred Hayes
Headshrinkers vs. Sean Dakota & Jim Armstrong (Challenge 4/25/93)
Clips of WrestleMania IX Brunch
Comments Lex Luger
King of the Ring promo
All American Exclusive – Kamala vs. Papa Shango (North Charleston, SC 3/8/93)
All American 1990 clips with Gene & Hillbilly Jim
Typhoon vs. Barry Horowitz (Challenge 4/25/93)
All American 1988 clips with Gene Okerlund
Shawn Michaels vs. Dale Wolfe (Superstars 4/24/93)
All American 1990 clips with Gene & Hillbilly Jim
All American 1985 clips with Gene Okerlund
Raymond Rougeau scheduled to interview Bam Bam Bigelow – with Sensational Sherri & Tatanka (Superstars 4/24/93)
Bam Bam Bigelow attacks Tatanka and cuts his hair (Superstars 4/24/93)
Clips of All American hosts over the years
Money Inc. vs. Ricky Nelson & Anthony Howard (Challenge 4/25/93)

All American Wrestling 5/2/93:
Mr. Perfect vs. Doink – KOTR Qualifier (Superstars 5/1/93)
Raymond Rougeau interviews Undertaker/Paul Bearer (Superstars 5/1/93)
Steiner Brothers vs. Reno Riggins & Billy Jones (Superstars 4/24/93)
Mr. Hughes vs. Mark Ming (Challenge 5/2/93)
Smoking Gunns promo
Lex Luger vs. Bob Backlund – KOTR Qualifier (Challenge 5/2/93)
El Matador vs. Louie Spiccoli (Superstars 4/24/93)

All American Wrestling 5/9/93:
Razor Ramon vs. El Matador – KOTR Qualifier (Superstars 5/8/93)
Crush vs. Steve Vega (Superstars 5/8/93)
Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Terry Zeller (Challenge 5/9/93)
Special Report – Undertaker & Giant Gonzalez (Challenge 5/9/93)
Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Papa Shango – KOTR Qualifier (Challenge 5/9/93)
No Hope with Dope promo
Yokozuna vs. Sean Dakota (Superstars 5/8/93)
Virgil vs. Tim Patterson (Challenge 5/9/93)
Smoking Gunns promo
Headshrinkers vs. Scott Bazo & Bob Young (Superstars 5/1/93)

All American Wrestling 5/16/93:
Tatanka vs. Giant Gonzalez – KOTR Qualifier (Superstars 5/15/93)
Mr. Hughes vs. Cannonball Kid (Raw 5/10/93)
All American Exclusive – Crush vs. Blake Beverly (Worcester, MA 5/4/93)
Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Typhoon – KOTR Qualifier (Raw 5/10/93)
Mr. Perfect vs. Doink – KOTR Qualifier (Challenge 5/16/93)

All American Wrestling 5/23/93:
All American Exclusive – Doink vs. Virgil (Portland, ME 5/5/93)
Clips of the Kid
Smoking Gunns vs. Duane Gill & Chris Duffy (Superstars 5/22/93)
Sensational Sherri joins the show
Kamala vs. Mr. Hughes – KOTR Qualifier (Challenge 5/23/93)
Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Brooklyn Brawler (Superstars 5/22/93)
King’s Court – Giant Gonzalez & Harvey Whippleman (Challenge 5/23/93)
Vince McMahon interviews Shawn Michaels and clips vs. Marty Jannetty (Raw 5/17/93)
Adam Bomb vs. Burt Centeno (Superstars 5/22/93)

All American Wrestling 5/30/93:
Show takes place at Bill Fralic 2nd Annual Celebrity Golf Classic
All American Exclusive – Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Bob Backlund (Manhattan 5/10/93)
Steiner Brothers vs. Mike Bell & Tony Devito (Superstars 5/29/93)
Razor/Kid clips
No Hope with Dope promo
Mr. Perfect vs. Doink – KOTR Qualifier (Raw 5/24/93)

All American Wrestling 6/6/93:
123 Kid comments
All American Exclusive – Crush vs. Razor Ramon (Sydney 5/25/93)
Smoking Gunns vs. Gus Kantarakis & Dale Wolfe (Superstars 6/5/93)
Mr. Hughes vs. Burt Centeno (Raw 5/31/93)
Owen Hart vs. Richie Rich (Challenge 6/6/93)
Hacksaw Jim Duggan USA Music video
Adam Bomb vs. Chris Simpson (Challenge 6/6/93)
Lex Luger vs. Jason Knight (Superstars 6/5/93)

All American Wrestling 6/13/93:
Shawn Michaels vs. Russ Greenberg & post-match interview (Raw 6/7/93)
Lex Luger vs. Mike Davis (Challenge 6/13/93)
Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Mike Bell (Superstars 6/12/93)
Vince McMahon interviews Razor Ramon (Raw 6/7/93) + 123 Kid reaction
MOM promo
All American Exclusive – Doink & Money Inc. vs. Steiner Brothers & Tatanka (2/3 falls) (Sydney 5/25/93)
Undertaker vs. PJ Walker (Superstars 6/12/93)
Boni Blackstone interviews Bret Hart (Challenge 6/13/93)

All American Wrestling 6/20/93:
Mean Gene interviews Yokozuna & Mr. Fuji
All American Exclusive – Owen Hart vs. Bastion Booger (Sydney 5/25/93)
Adam Bomb vs. Jerry Seavey (Superstars 6/19/93)
Mr. Perfect vs. PJ Walker (Challenge 6/20/93)
MOM promo
Doink vs. Bob Backlund (Challenge 6/20/93)
El Matador vs. Burt Centeno (Challenge 6/20/93)
Mr. Hughes/Undertaker incident (Superstars 6/12/93)
Headshrinkers vs. Ralph Mosca & Scott Despres (Challenge 6/20/93)

All American Wrestling 6/27/93:
All American Exclusive – Ted DiBiase vs. Bart Gunn (Columbus, OH 6/14/93)
Razor/Kid clips
Razor Ramon vs. 123 Kid – joined in progress (Raw 6/21/93)
Marty Jannetty vs. Doink the Clown (2/3 falls) – joined in progress (Raw 6/21/93)
Comments Yokozuna & Mr. Fuji

PRE-EMPTED on 7/4/93

All American Wrestling 7/11/93:
Crush vs. Doink (Superstars 7/10/93)
Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Joey Maggs (Raw 7/5/93)
Stars & Stripes Challenge footage
Adam Bomb vs. Bob Clancy (Challenge 7/11/93)
123 Kid vs. Blake Beverly (Raw 7/5/93)

All American Wrestling 7/18/93 incomplete:
All American Exclusive – Tatanka & Steiner Brothers vs. Well Dunn & Blake Beverly (Salisbury, MD 7/7/93)

All American Wrestling 7/25/93:
Men on a Mission vs. John Rechner & Glen Ruth (Challenge 7/25/93)
Clips of Vince McMahon interviews Money Inc. from Raw 6/24/93
Vince McMahon interviews Money Inc. + Razor Ramon (Raw 7/19/93)
Shawn Michaels vs. Marty Jannetty (Raw 7/19/93)
Ludvig Borga vs. Tony Dimauro (Superstars 7/24/93)
Clips of King’s Court with Owen Hart (Challenge 7/18/93)
Owen Hart vs. Jerry Lawler (Challenge 7/25/93)

All American Wrestling 8/1/93:
Ted DiBiase vs. 123 Kid (Challenge 8/1/93)
All American Exclusive – 123 Kid vs. Damien Demento (Wilkes-Barre, PA 7/6/93)
Bret Hart vs. Bam Bam Bigelow (Raw 7/26/93)
Ludvig Borga feature
Mr. Perfect vs. Glen Ruth (Superstars 7/31/93)
Doink feature

All American Wrestling 8/8/93:
All American Exclusive – Shawn Michaels vs. Owen Hart (Alexandria Bay, NY 7/25/93)
Who is Lex Luger?
Tatanka vs. Iron Mike Sharpe (Challenge 8/1/93)
Jim Cornette debut (Raw 8/2/93)
Boni Blackstone interviews Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies (in-studio interview)
Randy Savage vs. Doink (Raw 8/2/93)
Mr. Hughes vs. Dave Thornberg (Challenge 8/8/93)

All American Wrestling 8/15/93:
All American Exclusive – Razor Ramon vs. Damian Demento (Utica, NY 7/26/93)
Yokozuna & Lex Luger Contract Signing (Raw 8/9/93)
All American Exclusive – Bastion Booger vs. Phil Apollo (Plattsburgh, NY 7/27/93)
SummerSlam Jam music video
Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Duane Gill (Superstars 7/24/93)
Ludvig Borga promo clip
All American Exclusive – Marty Jannetty vs. Fred Williams (Utica, NY 7/26/93)
All American Exclusive – Heavenly Bodies vs. Virgil & Glen Ruth (Plattsburgh, NY 7/27/93)

All American Wrestling 8/22/93:
All American Exclusive – Bushwhackers vs. Quebecers (Plattsburgh, NY 7/27/93)
Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Bobby Who (Superstars 8/21/93)
Comments Yokozuna, Mr. Fuji & Jim Cornette
Ludvig Borga vs. Burt Centeno (Challenge 8/22/93)
Ted DiBiase vs. 123 Kid (Raw 8/16/93)
Boni Blackstone interviews Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies (in-studio interview)
Heavenly Bodies vs. Curt Sloan & Darren Trujillo (Challenge 8/22/93)
Hacksaw Jim Duggan USA music video

All American Wrestling 8/29/93:
All American Exclusive – Smoking Gunns vs. Well Dunn (Lowell, MA 8/18/93)
Regis Philbin promo
Shawn Michaels vs. Rich Myers (Challenge 8/29/93)
SummerSlam Report
King’s Court – “Elvis” + Bret Hart comments (Challenge 8/29/93)
Marty Jannetty vs. Iron Mike Sharpe (Challenge 8/29/93)
Heavenly Bodies vs. Tony Roy & Jason Headings (Superstars 8/28/93)
All American Exclusive – Vince McMahon interviews Fred Blassie & Lou Albano (Poughkeepsie 8/16/93)
Mean Gene interviews Yokozuna, Mr. Fuji & Jim Cornette + Randy Savage (Superstars 8/28/93)
Lex Express music video

All American Wrestling 9/5/93 MISSING

All American Wrestling 9/12/93 – 1/2 hour episode:
Bobby Heenan co-hosts alone
Marty Jannetty vs. 123 Kid (Saginaw, MI 9/1/93)
King’s Court – Jerry Lawler (Challenge 9/12/93)
Quebecers vs. Ross Greenberg & PJ Walker (Challenge 9/12/93)
SummerSlam backstage footage

All American Wrestling 9/19/93:
Joe Fowler debuts as co-host alongside Bobby Heenan
All American Exclusive – Heavenly Bodies vs. Smoking Gunns (Grand Rapids, MI 8/31/93)
Steiner Brothers vs. Quebecers – Quebec Province Rules – joined in progress (Raw 9/13/93)
Ludvig Borga promo
Ludvig Borga vs. PJ Walker (Superstars 9/18/93)
King’s Court – Jack Tunney (Challenge 9/19/93)
Bret Hart vs. Blake Beverly (Superstars 9/18/93)
Headshrinkers vs. Tony Roy & Mike Davis (Challenge 9/19/93)
Clip of Shawn Michaels & Diesel attacking 123 Kid with Mr. Perfect (Superstars 9/18/93)

All American Wrestling 9/26/93:
Scott Steiner vs. Quebecer Pierre & post-match interview (Raw 9/20/93)
Undertaker/Yokozuna staredown interview (Superstars 9/25/93)
Undertaker vs. Steve Moore (Challenge 9/26/93)
King’s Court – Doink (Challenge 9/26/93)

All American Wrestling 10/3/93:
Jack Tunney IC Title announcement (Raw 9/27/93)
All American Exclusive – Rick Martel vs. 123 Kid (Portland, ME 9/29/93)
Update – IC Title Battle Royal (Raw 9/27/93)
Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Rod Bell + Doink incident (Superstars 10/2/93)
Heavenly Bodies vs. Reno Riggins & John Paul (Superstars 10/2/93)
King’s Court – Ludvig Borga (Challenge 10/3/93)
Razor Ramon vs. Rock Werner (Challenge 10/3/93)
Adam Bomb vs. Todd Becker (Challenge 10/3/93)
Undertaker graveyard promo
Mr. Perfect vs. Brian Costello (Challenge 10/3/93)

All American Wrestling 10/10/93:
All American Exclusive – Rock N Roll Express vs. Well Dunn (Portland, ME 9/29/93)
Survivor Series promo
Undertaker vs. Rod Bell (Superstars 10/9/93)
Boni Blackstone interviews Bam Bam Bigelow & Luna Vachon (Superstars 10/9/93)
Smoking Gunns vs. Steve Moore & Brian Costello (Challenge 10/10/93)
Tatanka vs. Tom Bennett (Challenge 10/10/93)
Clip of 20-Man Battle Royal (Raw 10/4/93)
Adam Bomb vs. Mitch Bishop (Superstars 10/9/93)
King’s Court – Mr. Perfect (Challenge 10/10/93)

All American Wrestling 10/17/93:
All American Exclusive – Marty Jannetty vs. Pat Tanaka (Portland, ME 9/29/93)
Steiner Brothers vs. Arn Armstrong & Ricky Rich (Challenge 10/17/93)
Jeff Jarrett promo
Owen Hart vs. Scott Taylor (Superstars 10/16/93)
Razor Ramon vs. Rick Martel – IC Title Match (Raw 10/11/93)
Survivor Series promo
Ludvig Borga/Tatanka confrontation (Superstars 10/16/93)
Ludvig Borga vs. Tony Roy (Superstars 10/16/93)

All American Wrestling 10/24/93 incomplete:
All American Exclusive – Rick Martel vs. Owen Hart (Worcester, MA 9/28/93)

All American Wrestling 10/31/93:
Tatanka vs. Ludvig Borga (Superstars 10/30/93)
WWF Unbelievable promo
Heavenly Bodies vs. PJ Walker & Mark Thomas (Superstars 10/30/93)
IRS vs. Phil Apollo (Challenge 10/31/93)
King’s Court – Razor Ramon (Challenge 10/31/93)
123 Kid vs. Marty Jannetty (Raw 10/25/93)

All American Wrestling 11/7/93:
Final appearance of Joe Fowler as co-host
Rick Steiner vs. Quebecer Jacques (Superstars 11/6/93)
Comments Lex Luger & Steiner Brothers
WWF Unbelievable promo
Mr. Perfect vs. Iron Mike Sharpe (Challenge 11/7/93)
Adam Bomb vs. Virgil (Raw 11/1/93)
Jeff Jarrett promo
Crush vs. Gary Jackson (Superstars 11/6/93)
Rick Martel vs. Dan Dubiel (Challenge 11/7/93)
Razor Ramon vs. Bastion Booger (Raw 11/1/93)

All American Wrestling 11/14/93 incomplete:
Vince McMahon replaces Joe Fowler as co-host alongside Bobby Heenan
Bret Hart & Owen Hart vs. Well Dunn (Challenge 11/14/93)
Ray Combs promo
All Americans introduce the Undertaker as their new partner (Superstars 11/13/93)
Scott Steiner vs. Ludvig Borga (Raw 11/8/93)

All American Wrestling 11/21/93 MISSING

All American Wrestling 11/28/93:
Shawn Michaels vs. Dan Dubiel (Superstars 11/27/93)
Raymond Rougeau interviews Doink the Clown – Santa brings Dink (Challenge 11/28/93)
Doink vs. Sid Garrison (Superstars 11/27/93)
Clips of Randy Savage/Crush feud
Crush vs. Paul Jones (Superstars 11/27/93)
123 Kid vs. Iron Mike Sharpe (Challenge 11/28/93)
Lex Luger promo
Adam Bomb vs. Mike Bucci (Superstars 11/27/93)

All American Wrestling 12/5/93 incomplete:
Bobby Heenan’s final appearance as co-host
Marty Jannetty vs. HD Ryder (Challenge 12/5/93)
Razor Ramon vs. Diesel (Raw 11/29/93)
123 Kid vs. Glen Ruth (Superstars 12/4/93)
Royal Rumble promo
Men on a Mission vs. Steve Smith & Gus Kantarakis (Superstars 12/4/93)
1993 Superstar of the year presentation to Bret Hart with runner-up Lex Luger (Raw 11/29/93)

All American Wrestling 12/12/93:
Vince McMahon now hosts the show alone on a new set
Gorilla Monsoon kicks Bobby Heenan out of the WWF (Raw 12/6/93)
Tatanka vs. Brooklyn Brawler (Superstars 12/11/93)
Shawn Michaels vs. 123 Kid (Raw 12/6/93)
Vince McMahon interviews Paul Bearer (via video link)
Crush vs. Mike Bucci (Challenge 12/12/93)
Headshrinkers vs. Steve Smith & Frank Kanyak (Challenge 12/12/93)
Vince McMahon interviews Owen Hart (Superstars 12/11/93)
Lex Luger promo
Doink vs. Glen Ruth (Challenge 12/12/93)
Jeff Jarrett promo

All American Wrestling 12/19/93 incomplete:
Razor Ramon vs. Ralph Mosca (Challenge 12/19/93)
Undertaker & Paul Bearer promo in workshop
Jeff Jarrett vs. Chris Duffy (Superstars 12/18/93)
Last week – Vince McMahon interviews Owen Hart (Superstars 12/11/93)
Vince McMahon interviews Bret Hart (Superstars 12/18/93)
Lex Luger promo
All American Exclusive – Smoking Gunns & 123 Kid vs. Headshrinkers & Bam Bam Bigelow (Utica, NY 12/1/93)

All American Wrestling 12/26/93:
Comments Bret Hart & Owen Hart reunited (Superstars 12/25/93)
Owen Hart vs. Paul Vendale (Challenge 12/26/93)
Vince McMahon interviews Quebecers & Johnny Polo (via video link)
Steiner Brothers vs. Mike Bell & Executioner (Challenge 12/26/93)
Kwang promo
Tatanka vs. Ludvig Borga (Raw 12/20/93)
All American Exclusive – Alundra Blayze vs. Heidi Lee Morgan – Women’s Championship Tournament Final (Poughkeepsie, NY 12/13/93)
Undertaker & Paul Bearer promo in workshop
IRS vs. Ralph Mosca (Superstars 12/25/93)
Bret Hart promo

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