Portland Wrestling / Pacific Northwest Wrestling (1988)

3/26/88 – 1:01

Madrill – Morretti

Commercial for OWWF wrestling school (Billy Jack-s promotion, which would become OWF)

Grappler/Mike Golden/Avalanche Int

Assassin – Coco Samoa

Tony Borne Int (Grappler runs in to attack him-Matt Borne makes the save)

CW Bergstrom – Art Barr

Madrill/Samoa Int

Golden/Avalanche – Steve Doll/Scott Peterson (-Southern Rockers-) 2/3

Borne/Assassin Int

5/14/88 – COMPLETE SHOW 1:28

Southern Rockers – Bergstrom/Austin 2/3

Col. DeBeers/Rose Int

Borne – Grappler

Borne/Assassin Int

Golden – Barr (no end shown)

Grappler/Golden/Madrill/Art Crews Int

Crews – Two Eagles

Rockers/Borne/Assassin Int

Peterson – Madrill

7/2/88 – COMPLETE SHOW 1:22

Steve Doll – Madrill (Curt Hennig on Commentary)

Morretti – Two Eagles

Curt Hennig/Borne/Assassin Int

Grappler/Terminator – Southern Rockers

Grappler/Terminator/Rose/Madrill Int

Hennig – Rose

Doll/Peterson/Golden/Borne Int

Morretti – Golden

DeBeers/Grappler/Madrill/Terminator Int

DeBeers – Assassin – coal miner-s glove match (Rose & Hennig run in)
7/9/88 – COMPLETE SHOW 1:07

Southern Rockers – Grappler/Terminator 2/3

Grappler/Rose/DeBeers/Madrill/Avalanche Int

Rockers/Golden Int

DeBeers/Rose – Art Barr/Billy Two Eagles

Grappler/Rose/DeBeers/Madrill/Avalanche Int

Austin – Golden

7/16/88 – 58:00 (a little choppy in spots as some -other- wrestling had to be edited out as the channel was flipped back & forth between two

Doll – Morretti 2/3

OWF Commercial with Kevin Kelly

Grappler/DeBeers Int

DeBeers/Rose/Madrill – Peterson/Barr/Two Eagles

Golden Int

Rose/DeBeers/Madrill/Grappler Int

OWF Commercial with Billy Jack Haynes

7/23/88 – 55:00

Rose/Avalance (-The Beach Boys) – Barr/Bergstrom

Golden/Barr/Rockers Int

Grappler – Golden (locker rooms empty)

Golden Post Match Int

Peterson – Rose

7/30/88 – 1:06 (had to edit out other wrestling)

Bergstrom – Peterson

Madrill – Two Eagles

DeBeers – Barr (joined in progress)

DeBeers/Madrill/Grappler/Rose/Avalanche Int

Rockers – Beach Boys

Rockers/Golden/Barr Int

Avalanche – Two Eagles

Madrill/DeBeers/Avalanche/Rose – Int

Rockers/Barr/Golden Int

8/6/88 – COMPLETE SHOW 1:29

Crews – Golden

Rockers – Golden Int

Beach Boys – Southern Rockers

Grappler/Rose/Avalanche/DeBeers Int

DeBeers – Barr

Rockers/Golden/Barr Int

Grappler – Two Eagles

DeBeers/Rose/Avalanche Int

Peterson – Crews (no end shown)
8/20/88 – 1:10 (Some Tom Peterson Christmas commercials are on this show – weird)

Golden – Peterson

Madrill – Barr

Grappler/Rose/Top Gun Int

Grappler – Bergstrom

Southern Rockers Int

Beach Boys – Two Eagles/Barr

Top Gun/Steve Doll Int
10/1/88 – COMPLETE SHOW 1:30

Madrill/Rose – Top Gun/Doll (Rose is wearing Top Gun mask, claiming he-s Top Gun)

Top Gun/Rockers Int

Grappler – Peterson (Golden run in)

Madrill/Grappler/Rose Int

Two Eagles – Rose

Golden/Top Gun Int

Avalanche – Golden 2/3

Grappler/Rose/Avalanche/Madrill Int

Rockers Int

Top Gun Int
23rd November 1988
“King” Matt Borne vs Top Gun
Rip Oliver vs CW Bergstrom
PNW Tag Team Champions: Grappler & Abbuda Dein vs Southern Rockers (Steve Doll & Scott Peterson)
“Latin Lover” Al Madril vs Art Barr

30th November 1988
Art Crews vs Top Gun
Golden Boy Golden vs PNW Champion: Scott Peterson
“Latin Lover” Al Madril vs Art barr
Grappler vs CW Bergstrom
Beach Boys (“Playboy” Buddy Rose & Avalanche) vs Art Barr & Billy Two Eagles

December 1988 #1
same as 23/11/88

December 1988 #2
same as 30/11/88

December 1988 #3
“Latin Lover” Al Madril vs Steve Doll
Art Barr vs CW Bergstrom
“Playboy” Buddy Rose & Art Crews vs Southern Rockers (Steve Doll & Scott Peterson)

December 1988 #4
Art Crews vs Scott Peterson
“Latin Lover” Al Madril vs Rex King
Abbuda Dein vs Steve Doll
“King” Matt Borne vs Art Barr
Col DeBeers vs “Golden Boy” Mike Golden in a boot camp match

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