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WWF Legend Claims He Threatened To Kill Andre The Giant

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• WWF Legend Claims He Threatened To Kill Andre The Giant

During an old RF Video shoot interview that was filmed in 2008 or 2009, called ‘Bell to Bell Volume 2 – Up In Smoke’, Agent Eric Simms, WWF Legend The Iron Sheik and WWF Veteran J.C. Ice (aka Jamie Dundee) discussed controversial topics, while drinking alcohol and smoking.

During this infamous shoot interview, the topic of ‘The 8th Wonder of the World’ Andre The Giant came up and Sheiky Baby did not react in a very positive way, to say the least.

Keep in mind that despite Andre The Giant & The Iron Sheik (portrayed by actors Matthew Willig & Brett Azar) getting along fine during the recent ‘Young Rock’ NBC TV series, the 2 WWF Legends did not get along whatsoever in real life back in the day.

Here’s what the former WWF World Heavyweight Champion said about Andre:

“Andre The Giant, he was the biggest, biggest jabroni in our business, because you was a babyface, we went to the Europe, Paris, Japan, all over the world, the mother and the baby, they come ask for you for autograph and you tell the baby and mother ‘Get the F outta here’.

What kind of F’N Giant you are?

Since then, he was a prick, I never respect him, I never shake hand to him and I tell him in the ring, ‘You better listen to the leader, because otherwise all of my five finger, each one is a razor blade, I cut you head to the toe, for them to take you to the hospital. You’ll be dead. Don’t f**k with the real Legend Iron Sheik’.

What’s go round, come back round, we are up and that jabroni is under ground.

That piece of garbage, he get smart in the Tokyo with one of the Japanese boys, who was 220 pounds, and he beat the F out of Japanese boy, but the Japanese boy give him receipt back.

He kick him, kick him, the big man come down and next day they have to carry him with the wheelchair in the building, because he thought he was the toughest man in our business, but he was not toughest man in our business.

Toughest man in our business is a Mr. Bob Backlund, Iron Sheik and Bill Dundee, little guy but his heart was bigger than that F’N jabroni Andre The Giant.”

You can watch it below:

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