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AEW Wrestler Says Orange Cassidy Reminds Him Of Kane

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• Old School Wrestling Promoter Celebrates His Birthday

Old School Wrestling Promoter Jerry Jarrett celebrates his 78th birthday today.

Jerry Jarrett used to be the famous promoter of the Memphis Wrestling territory, alongside Jerry “The King” Lawler from 1977 till 1995.

Their promotion was called Continental Wrestling Association (CWA) from 1977 until 1989 and then United States Wrestling Association (USWA) from 1989 till 1997.

Jerry is also the father of legendary Old School WWF/WCW/TNA Veteran “Double J” Jeff Jarrett.


• AEW Wrestler Says Orange Cassidy Reminds Him Of Kane

While speaking on Busted Open Radio, former AEW World Champion Chris Jericho discussed his feud with Orange Cassidy and what he thinks of the “Freshly Squeezed”.

Below is what Le Champion said:

“The idea is let’s get this guy to the next level, and it’s weird that the last two weeks we’ve had the crowds back, even though it has been 500 people or whatever, still, that live crowd means the world to us as performers. It’s a litmus test. Who is over, who is not, what’s working, what’s not, and you can have, you know, many kinds of talents – young boys and young girls, rookies, you know enhancement talents, the crew members – it’s not the same as the real crowd.

And when we started locking up to Orange months and months ago before the pandemic, there was something about him that people liked and you can’t analyze it, you can’t justify it, and it doesn’t matter. What’s over is over.

So let’s look at this, and now we can expand upon this. There is really no leeway for him. Obviously, for me, doing this for such a long time, we put together a match; there are certain ideas that I have that may trump his ideas, but he knows who he is as a character, and that is so important. That’s the most important thing.

What’s the character, how does he react, how does he walk, how does he do things? He reminds me of a lot, and this is going to be a strange analogy, but the Bully (Bubba Ray Dudley) would get this, he reminds me a lot of Kane in a way that Kane knew exactly what his character was. He knew exactly what he would do. He knew exactly how he would sell, how he would get the offense, and you could suggest a bunch of things to Glenn (Jacobs), ‘okay, let me try it this way.’ He knew exactly who he was in the ring and believe it or not; Orange Cassidy is exactly the same.”

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