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5. John Morrison Talks About Some Ridiculous Ideas He Pitched In WWE

During a recent appearance on X-Pac 12360 podcast, former WWE Superstar John Morrison revealed some ridiculous ideas he pitched during his time in WWE. Below are the highlights:

Ideas that he pitched to WWE that were turned down:

“That was one of the reasons I left WWE. I was always having all these ideas… Like every week I’d pitch something like, ‘I want to have a tanning bed match with Sheamus, loser gets locked in a tanning bed.’ “No.” I understand why that would be a no. I want to have a Porto Potty match with the Miz, to win you have to close someone in the Porto Potty and knock it over. I pitched these. I pitched all these ideas. It makes sense why you couldn’t do them… I pitched the tanning bed idea to Vince McMahon and he laughed at it. I don’t know if he even thought I was serious. Mundo in Vince McMahon’s voice, “Ha ha ha Sheamus is pale ha.” I wanted him (Sheamus) to come out looking like Brother Love covered in that red stuff.”

Difference between WWE and AAA:

“See this is the difference between AAA and WWE I was wrestling Rey (Mysterio) in a Perros Negras (Mexican Border Town)… Some dude in the first row through a can of beer at me. It hit me in the back and fell down and I was kind of standing close to him… WWE that guy would’ve been kicked out but this is Perros Negras… So what I did I picked the beer up and I chucked t back at the guy and it was… I’m not a very good throw but this one was a bull’s eye. I liked nailed him right in the face it blow up, it like splashed all over him and his friends. And when I looked over there I was like ooh I might have been too good cause that guys embarrassed.

And then I looked and he was with about twenty guys… Four of them hopped over the guardrail and there was only like one little security guard outside that tried to hold them back. And I ran and then Rey got out of the ring and got in the way too and was trying to stop them. And that instigated I wouldn’t call it a full blown riot but it pretty much started raining like beers and coins and like water bottles and cups and they called the match and told me to get out of there. And to me, I was like that’s cool… That’s like one of the most real situations I’ve been in, in wrestling. And it’s not like that now. I think that’s the difference is that’s real heat. Where like the whole crowd was like we don’t just want to boo this guy we want blood.”

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