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18. Former WWE Wrestler Says He Never Mentally Recovered From His WrestleMania Match Being Cancelled

During a recent interview with Wrestle:List, former WWE wrestler Brodus Clay (now know as Tyrus in Impact Wrestling) talked about his WrestleMania 29 match (Brodus Clay, Tyrus, Naomi & Cameron vs. Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow & The Bella Twins) being cancelled at the last minute.

Brodus noted that he never recovered mentally after his WrestleMania match was cancelled:

“Probably the biggest thing for me was my WrestleMania match getting cut; I don’t think I ever really mentally recovered from that. So that for me was a very draining and disappointing situation. Although I have had some great moment in the WWE and WrestleMania, I never had my moment in the ring, so for me mentally it was a lot. To work so hard and finally get your match – if you do great in that match usually it springboards you up, and not to get that opportunity was tough for me. After that to say I had an attitude problem is an understatement, which is on me, I didn’t handle it well.

I mean I had accomplished a goal I had set at 10 years old, I told my mom at that time that I was going to be a wrestler one day, and I was going to be champion, everyone looked at me like I was crazy. I learned a lot about myself there as far as character stuff and made some friends who will be friends forever. I enjoyed my time there, I wish I could have left things on a better note, but we left things on a positive term. I think it worked out well for me in the long run, I wanted a lot more freedom and a chance to reinvent myself, sometimes you cant always do that when you get put in a certain lane.”

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