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Eric Bischoff Says Only Hulk Hogan Had Creative Control In WCW, Reveals How Often He Used It

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• Eric Bischoff Says Only Hulk Hogan Had Creative Control In WCW, Reveals How Often He Used It

Former WCW President Eric Bischoff was recently interviewed on the WrestleSlam podcast, where he was asked how many Professional Wrestlers in Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling had a Creative Control clause in their contracts.

The 2021 WWE Hall of Famer confirmed that only Hulk Hogan had Creative Control and actually – despite popular internet rumors – only used it once.

Here’s what Bischoff said:

“Hall and Nash didn’t have creative control. To clarify, they did have language in their agreement that gave them meaningful consultation.

Meaning they were guaranteed to have a conversation with me and it would have been a meaningful conversation, but a meaningful conversation and creative control are two different things, and they did not have creative control.

Hulk Hogan had creative control and he only used it once.

So, the creative control issue was not an issue, even though people like to talk about it and it’s part of the narrative, so I know there’s a lot of narratives and a lot of people have reported that there was creative control and none of those people know what the f**k they’re talking about, to be honest with you.

So it didn’t create an issue.”

Many fans falsely assumed for many years that Hogan used that clause on a regular basis, but the former WCW president is actually speaking the truth here, because major sources from within WCW had long confirmed the fact that The Hulkster only used it on his final day in the company, before the infamous Bash at the Beach 2000 PPV.

And let’s be honest, with Vince Russo’s horrible booking, who can blame Hogan for finally executing it right there?

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