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13. “Seeing Batista Triggered My Depression” – Shelly Martinez

During a recent YouTube video, Shelly Martinez talked about her retirement from Professional Wrestling and how Batista is bothering her. Below are the highlights:

When she’ll retire:

“I think after those two bookings (in Texas & Germany), I’m pretty much done with in-ring stuff. Sad, but true. I think the time has definitely come and some of the – I guess you would say – ‘signs’ that I know that wrestling is done for me are.”

Getting depressed due to Batista:

“I’ve been having a really hard time the last couple months, because here I live in Hollywood – the movie capital – and Guardians of the Galaxy has been promoted and now is out. Now, for those of you who know, that me and Dave Bautista got in a fight backstage, blah blah blah, that’s how I got fired from WWE. So it’s been interesting for me, driving around town and then I just see Dave Bautista’s face everywhere, or I’m sitting at home and then I see Dave Bautista.

I was finding myself getting depressed. I’d find myself depressed and I’d wonder ‘Why am I depressed?’ and I would kind of backtrack my day and a lot of times it was triggered by Batista.”

Being tired of the BS in Pro Wrestling:

“I’m tired of the ‘BS,’ I’m tired of the fake and phony. I’m tired of getting ‘butthurt’ because I think person ‘A’ and ‘B’ are my friends, but then person ‘C’ shows me that they are not. And I just want to move forward…I’m not upset, it’s just a weird feeling that for 17 years of my life, I’ve dedicated myself to wrestling. So, it’s weird. It’s weird to think of it not being in my life.

I’m an idiot, because I let people body slam me on the concrete. I don’t know, I guess all in all it’s just not worth it to me anymore. My goal was to be in WWE, and I did it.”

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