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Goldust Reveals How His Junk Got Exposed During A Match

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• Old School Wrestling Legend Celebrates His Birthday

Old School Wrestling Legend Ricky Morton celebrates his 63rd birthday today.

As one half of the legendary Tag Team The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, he wrestled for several major promotions, such as NWA Jim Crockett Promotions, the WWF World Wrestling Federation, WCW World Championship Wrestling, Mid-South Wrestling, CWA/USWA Memphis Wrestling, SMW Smoky Mountain Wrestling & TNA Total Nonstop Action.

Morton started his career in 1978 but is still wrestling occasionally on the independent scene nowadays, still teaming up with Robert Gibson as The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express.

In 2017, they were both inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by legendary Old School Wrestling manager Jim Cornette.


• Goldust Reveals How His Junk Got Exposed During A Match

During a recent interview with Bleacher Report, Old School WWF Veteran Goldust (Dustin Rhodes) revealed how his junk got exposed when he was working as a referee back in the day.

Below is the story:

“Tommy Young, the lead official, is sitting on the front row, and we’ve got a curtain sellout in the back and everyone is out there watching. Ricky (Morton) and Robert (Gibson) are in there laughing with me and telling jokes. Giving me hell. But I do the match and do everything I’m supposed to. I go down for the one, two, three and I stand up and I’m raising Ricky and Robert’s hand.

At first the whole building is cheering, but then they start laughing. I’m worrying that I’ve screwed something up, so I look down at Tommy Young and he’s laughing his a$$ off too. He’s pointing at my crotch.

So, I look down, and from the top of the pants down, everything is split. From the top down, basically the waistband is the only thing that didn’t tear. And I had nothing on underneath. My junk was hanging out there for the world to see. I look back at the curtain and they are all on the ground laughing.

It was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me. I ran to the back. But nobody told me not to buy cotton pants. I needed some stretchable pants. So, that was me breaking into the industry.”

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