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Gunther Says RAW Star Deserves To Get More TV Time

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During an interview with Joel Torres from Contralona, Intercontinental Champion Gunther was asked which European wrestler deserves to be a champion in WWE.

Gunther picked his fellow Imperium stable member Ludwig Kaiser.

Below is what The Ring General said:

“Besides from me!? At the moment I think the European continent has done it fresher when it come to producing really good wrestlers.

Right now obviously (Ludwig) Kaiser is doing pretty well in the last months. I really think he found the way to stand out even without getting the big, big chances to really go out there and got a lot of time and show what he can do.

He is capable of a lot and a very charismatic guy, even with the limited amount of time that he has, he found the way to stand out and I think he would really deserve a chance to get more time and more matches.”

During a recent interview with Metro, Gunther also praised Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci in helping him lose 60 lbs weight:

“Everybody knows how I looked before, so everybody knows I really liked to eat before that! I had to make a cut to that.

To limit food intake is a little bit tricky. I love to cook and I like food, but at the end of the day, I’ve got to give credit to [Ludwig] Kaiser and [Giovanni Vinci], because they’ve been in incredible shape already.

I just jumped on board with them and they kicked my butt to pull through even when it’s difficult [he smiled]. Like I said, it always comes back to the support system and that’s from many areas in your life.”

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