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Hall Of Famer Is Now Banned From Being Mentioned On WWE TV

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WWE Hall Of Famers Nikki Bella & Brie Bella were advertised to appear at RAW XXX earlier this year in January, but they didn’t appear.

The Bella Twins had a falling out with WWE, because they went LIVE on Instagram and expressed their displeasure about how WWE didn’t acknowledge the women’s revolution during RAW XXX, especially wrestlers like Mercedes Mone (Sasha Banks) and Saraya (Paige).

Alundra Blayze was the only female legend that was shown during RAW XXX. After news came out that WWE canceled the Steel Cage Match between Becky Lynch and Bayley because The Bloodline’s segment went longer than expected, “#WWEWomenDeserveBetter” started trending on Twitter.

Nikki Bella went LIVE on Instagram again to talk about this hashtag and revealed that WWE Officials told her they had nothing for The Bellas, despite advertising them.

The Bella Twins were interviewed on The Tamron Hall Show after this, where they discussed this situation again. Below is what they said:

Nikki Bella:

“When you have a 3-hour show and it’s male-dominated and women aren’t being honored pretty much at all, you just sit back and you’re like why aren’t we being appreciated? Why don’t you even have a video package showcasing what these incredible women have done?

It made me upset for all of the women because I know that feeling of walking out to the ring where you walk out and put your body on the line, you give it your all just to entertain your fans and the TV viewers. You just come back and you want to feel appreciated for that.

Some of us have had career-ending injuries. We shouldn’t go away. I feel if a wrestler leaves the company, or they are no longer there, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be remembered.

I wish and I hope that maybe that will be more in the future and we still have a way to go, that women will be appreciated for what they do.”

Brie Bella:

“What the women are doing today at WWE is amazing. The present-day women wrestlers are doing incredible things but it took so many women from the past to pave that road and it’s okay to say thank you and recognize that.

The Bella Twins don’t have to be at RAW 30. It’s all the other women and we can give you a whole long list, that should have been there.”

After this controversy, it looks like Nikki & Brie are no longer allowed to be mentioned on WWE TV.

On tonight’s RAW, Michael Cole promoted the show “Barmageddon”, which airs on the USA Network at 11 PM EST, right after RAW. This show features Nikki Bella (now known as Nikki Garcia) as the co-host. However, the promo script that Cole read for this show on RAW had no mention of Nikki, and he only mentioned Blake Shelton as the host.

What’s surprising is that when promos air for this show on the USA Network, Nikki is heavily featured in them.

Nikki & Brie’s WWE contracts expired earlier this year. Their last match in WWE was the 2022 Women’s Royal Rumble match.

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