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How Fallon Henley Suffered A Concussion On NXT (Video)

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On this week’s episode of NXT, Tiffany Stratton defeated Fallon Henley to qualify for the Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge.

Henley suffered a concussion during the finish of this match, when Stratton landed on Henley’s head when performing a Moonsault, as Henley changed her position because she thought she was not in the right spot.

Here’s what the Wrestling Observer reported:

“[Tiffany Stratton] always looks to see where the person is (before the Moonsault). And then she goes because once she goes, she can’t see where they’re at.

So, if you watch what happened, she looks back and she sees Fallon there. She starts to go for the move. She thought Fallon was in the right position, but Fallon thought that she was in the wrong position. Because you can see her scoot south a little bit.

She scooted the wrong way, and Tiffany landed on her face, and she just smashed her head on that moonsault.

And, I mean, you could see immediately when she had that moonsault like, Fallon’s head bounced off the mat.”

You can watch this spot below:

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