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“It is absolutely beneath her” – Mark Henry On Current RAW Superstar’s Gimmick

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• “It is absolutely beneath her” – Mark Henry On Current RAW Superstar’s Gimmick

WWF Legend Mark Henry was recently interviewed on Busted Open Radio, where he talked about current WWE RAW Superstar Doudrop and claimed that her current gimmick/character is beneath her.

Here’s what the World’s Strongest Man had to say:

“I will not call her Doudrop. It’s beneath her. It is absolutely beneath her. She’s a person, a Doudrop is a thing and I refuse to ever call her that. That match [against Bianca Belair], like why couldn’t she start like that? The hell with all the stuff she did prior to that. She should’ve had matches like that from the beginning.

I don’t care how she looks. People can judge people for being plus size, hell I was plus size. I knew how to get over, so does she. She can use what she’s working with as good as anybody that they brought up in the last 5 years and when I say that, yes I mean everybody that was champion including Bianca Belair.

Piper Niven, the one match that she had shows that she can be their equals if she’s revered and respected and put in a position to where she can work like that every night.”

Mark Henry worked for the World Wrestling Federation / WWE from 1996 until he left the company in May 2021 to join All Elite Wrestling.

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• Old School WWF Legend Would Have Celebrated His Birthday

Today would have been the 69th birthday of Old School WWF Legend The Junkyard Dog (Real name: Sylvester Ritter).

After becoming a huge Territory Star in Bill Watts’ Mid-South Wrestling, JYD joined the World Wrestling Federation in 1984 and jumped ship to WCW in December of 1988, just a few day after Ted Turner bought Jim Crockett Promotions and renamed it.

The Junkyard Dog’s last major Pro Wrestling appearance came 1 month before he passed away, when he was involved in an in-ring segment at ECW Wrestlepalooza 1998.


December 13, 1952 – June 2, 1998

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