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18. Ryback Reveals How Cody Rhodes Made Him Look Like A “Dumb F*cking Piece Of Sh*t”

During a recent edition of “Conversation With The Big Guy” podcast, former WWE Superstar Ryback talked about an incident where Cody Rhodes made him look dumb. Below is the story that Ryback told on his podcast:

“Old Cody did an interview with somebody in which I had a few tweets over. And in a serious interview, he does the thing, the Terminator 2 deal, where him and Daniel Bryan, and in this, he doesn’t say anything about this being a joke, but he says that I believed that Terminator 2 was because there were two terminators. And it is f*cking hilarious, absolutely. And because I didn’t know there was a Terminator 1. I thought that was Terminator 1 and it was just T2 because the good guy/bad guy terminators. They’re the reason why I quit riding with people altogether, it’s just annoyed the f*ck out of me.

It makes me look like a dumb f*cking piece of sh*t. And I was like, ‘Cody, like, I get it. It’s funny, but say it was a f*cking joke!’ because you have to understand the audience you’re playing to, they don’t understand what is a joke or not and it doesn’t help my reputation at all when you tell it. But he put out a tweet correcting it.”

I don’t get hot over it, but, I’m just like, f*ck, how would he feel if I did an interview about him and said ‘yeah, I walked in a room and saw Cody Rhodes blowing another dude,’ and that’s all I said? And the guy goes, ‘man, that’s pretty funny!’ ‘Yeah, right?’ and then, I just keep going on with the interview. ‘Yeah, Cody Rhodes is a c——–r.’ And then, that’s how that gets started. You don’t do sh*t like that. That’s called being an adult, so I get f*cking hot over that sh*t.”

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