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12. Why Asuka’s Streak Can NOT Be Compared To Goldberg’s

These days there are a lot of reports that NXT Women’s Champion Asuka surpassed the legendary 173-0 streak of WCW Legend Bill Goldberg. But is that actually the case? Can those streaks even be compared?

The correct answer is “NO” and here’s why …

While Bill Goldberg’s streak was an actual ‘undefeated streak’, which means that he had never lost a televised match in his entire pro wrestling career before the Starrcade 1998 PPV where his streak ended, Asuka had lost many, many times during her Pre-WWE/Pre-NXT days as Kana.

She wrestled professionally ever since 2004 and competed for a lot of different promotions around the globe, such as AJPW, SMASH, ZERO1, DDT, WAVE, SHIMMER, CHIKARA, among many others.

So with that being said, she’s ONLY undefeated in WWE, but not in general, while Bill Goldberg was undefeated for his first 173 Professional Wrestling matches, which makes the comparison being like apples & oranges.

But then again, who can blame WWE for working the marks and selling Asuka’s Streak as equal to Goldberg’s? It’s actually smart business, as most of the modern day PG era fans aren’t even gonna question this comparison anyway.

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