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Kofi Kingston On Laughing At Vince McMahon’s Original Idea For The New Day, Xavier Woods Putting His Job On The Line

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• Old School Wrestling Veteran Would Have Celebrated His Birthday

Today would have been the 52nd birthday of Old School Wrestling Veteran Mike Anthony (Real name: Michael Joseph Lozansky).

He used to work as an undercard talent for Extreme Championship Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling and the World Wrestling Federation, but mostly worked the smaller, less important shows, where he put the main roster Wrestlers over.


January 1, 1968 – December 19, 2003

• Kofi Kingston On Laughing At Vince McMahon’s Original Idea For The New Day, Xavier Woods Putting His Job On The Line

During a recent edition of The New Day: Feel The Power podcast, former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston recalled laughing at Vince McMahon’s original idea for The New Day.

Below is what Kofi said:

“[Vince] said that, ‘I really thought that people were gonna cheer for this thing.’

So, all of us started laughing you know because there’s no way people are gonna cheer three positivity preaching preachers in this day and age, you know what I’m saying in this day and age nobody’s coming to wrestling shows to cheer for something religious anything really.

We all started laughing. He said, ‘No, no I’m really serious I thought that this was gonna be something that people were gonna get behind.’

We’re like oh my god he’s the only one who actually thought this was gonna be an accepted dynamic, you know what I mean? I’m glad we got to do it though.”

Xavier Woods then talked about how he put his job on the line by making a deal with McMahon:

“So I ended up going to [Vince’s] office and asking him again about turning heel and giving him all the points about why I feel in this day and age what we’re doing very specifically what we are doing is not going to get us that babyface reaction, but if we lean into it a little more and we allow it to be taken as heels then I think that’s what’s gonna really get us.

He told me that Kofi Kingston is that consummate babyface. He’s always been a babyface. This is what people know. This is what people love. This is Kofi Kingston. People will never buy him as a heel.

So, that’s when I asked him if we could get a microphone. I told him if people don’t boo Kofi by the fourth week and we’ve talked four weeks in a row then I’m not good at my job and I shouldn’t be here.

He said, ‘So, that means you’d be fired?’ I said, ‘Yeah, if I can’t talk well enough if I’m not good enough on the microphone to make them boo Kofi Kingston who you think is this consummate babyface who will never be booed then I don’t need to have this job and you’ve got 70 dudes in NXT who deserve my spot.’

He said, ‘Alright, I guess you’ll talk tonight.’ That’s when we started getting those in-ring promos.”

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