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3. Video of Jerry Lawler Clotheslining A Hot Dog Mascot At A Baseball Game, Chris Jericho Gives His Views On What WWE Should Do To Draw Fans To Watch 205 Live

– WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler clotheslined a hot dog mascot at a recent Columbus Clippers baseball game. The mascots were having a race when two of them turned on the third one and performed some wrestling moves.

One of the mascots was running towards the finish line when Jerry Lawler came running at him and clotheslined him. You can watch it below:

– During a recent appearance on Busted Open radio, WWF Legend Chris Jericho talked about WWE’s current Cruiserweight Division and their 205 Live show not drawing much viewers.

Below is what Jericho thinks WWE should do to generate interest in 205 Live:

“So what do the Cruiserweights do to try and break through? I don’t know. There are some characters, Neville is a great character, but he needs a great babyface to work with. And here’s what I think could work. I think if you put Enzo Amore as a Cruiserweight, and put Enzo versus Neville for the title, have Enzo win it, watch people get interested in the Cruiserweight division.

And people at home going ‘Argh! Enzo can’t work!’ — It’s not about that. It’s about getting people to care about the title. Put Enzo in there, have him win it and watch people start to get involved in 205 Live. Then Neville has someone to work with.

He doesn’t have a babyface to work with. He really doesn’t, that’s really, super genuinely over with the crowd. That would help.”

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