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Possible Reason Why Hulk Hogan Is Not A Part Of “Who Killed WCW?”

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The highly anticipated docuseries “Who Killed WCW?” premiered on VICE on June 4, produced by The Rock’s Seven Bucks Productions.

The four-part series delves into the history and eventual demise of World Championship Wrestling, featuring interviews with numerous key figures from its storied past. However, one iconic name notably absent from the interviews is Hulk Hogan.

Former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz, a producer on the series, addressed Hogan’s absence during an appearance on the “Cheap Heat with Peter Rosenberg” podcast. Gewirtz confirmed that attempts were made to include Hogan in the documentary, but unfortunately, the efforts were unsuccessful.

“We did reach out to Hulk. He is not appearing in the documentary to talk. He couldn’t do it. We tried on both sides. It didn’t work out,” Gewirtz explained. He noted that while Hogan does not appear in person, his perspective is still represented in the series.

“His POV is pretty much… a lot of people have a lot of opinions on him and talk about him. Some positive, some negative. His POV is definitely represented on the show.”

Gewirtz further elaborated that Eric Bischoff, who shares a close relationship with Hogan, provides insight into many pivotal moments involving Hogan. “Eric can speak to a lot of Hogan’s POV at the time, both in terms of signing him, the heel turn, the botched finish with Sting, the match with Goldberg, the Finger Poke of Doom, Bash at the Beach—all of that stuff is pretty well covered,” he said.

“He’s not physically talking on the show, but he’s definitely represented.”

While Gewirtz did not have a definitive answer as to why Hogan chose not to participate, he speculated that it might be related to Hogan’s previous experience with VICE. “I don’t know why Hogan didn’t want to participate, but VICE did a documentary titled ‘The Nine Lives of Hulk Hogan’ and he may have not wanted to work with VICE again.”

Despite Hogan’s absence, “Who Killed WCW?” promises to offer a comprehensive and compelling look at the rise and fall of WCW, providing fans with an in-depth exploration of one of wrestling’s most fascinating eras.

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