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RAW Gauntlet Match Plan Changed, Originally Planned Money In The Bank 2018 Match Cancelled

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• Demolition Reveals How Much Money It Would Take To Induct Them Into The WWE Hall of Fame

During a recent appearance on Prime Time with Sean Mooney podcast, legendary Old School tag team Demolition (Ax & Smash) discussed possibly being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame one day, how much money would it take to induct them & more.

Below are the highlights:

On if they’ll ever get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame:

Smash: “Who knows? We may never ever get in, because there are so many tag teams out there.”

On what would it take to get them inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame:

Smash: “If they asked us, what would we really do now? It’s been 20 years since we’ve been around the business and the guys make supposedly $5,000-$6,000 when they go to the [WWE] Hall of Fame? You know it would take probably $100,000, at least, to bring us in for the Hall of Fame. I thought ‘What a good number’ because I’d give ten thousand to [my Mother-in-Law’s] church, and I’d take another $10,000 of that $100,000 and give it to my son, he’s a Deputy in the Sheriff’s Department in the K-9 unit, and I’m thinking of all these charities I’d give to.”

On getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame just for the fans:

Ax: “A lot of people come up and say the same thing and we appreciate their loyalty and being fans of ours. Just remembering that we were in the business and remembering things that made an imprint on their life. It would be a nice footnote. We have no control over it. If we get in it, great. If we don’t get in, we’re not going to lose sleep over it. So, that’s where we stand.”

• Former WWE Star Wants To Join New Japan Pro Wrestling

According to the Wrestling Observer, former WWE Superstar John Morrison wants to work in New Japan Pro Wrestling and recently enquired about it.

However, the Wrestling Observer noted that NJPW officials could have a problem in bringing Morrison over because he has a relationship with the AAA promotion and NJPW officials don’t use anyone from the AAA roster as NJPW has a working relationship with the CMLL promotion.

However, this “AAA ban” might no longer be in effect as Rey Mysterio is competing for both these promotions.

• RAW Gauntlet Match Plan Changed, Originally Planned Money In The Bank 2018 Match Cancelled

According to DirtySheets.net, the original plan for the Gauntlet match on this week’s RAW was for Ruby Riott to win and advance to the Women’s Money In The Bank ladder match.

However, plans changed and “The Boss” Sasha Banks was then booked to win the match and advance to the Money In The Bank ladder match (possibly due to Sasha signing a new contract).

With that being said, the originally planned Money In The Bank 2018 Kickoff tag team match between the teams of Sasha Banks/Bayley and Liv Morgan/Sarah Logan has been cancelled.

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