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12. Who’s Expected To Appear On Tonight’s Episode Of Raw When Kurt Angle’s Controversial Secret Is Revealed?

As seen during the ending moments of last week’s episode of Raw, Kurt Angle noted that he’ll reveal his controversial secret on the next episode of Raw. Below is what WWE posted about this:

“For the past several weeks, Corey Graves and Raw General Manager Kurt Angle have been secretly discussing some sensitive information that could not only threaten The Olympic Hero’s career, but might just tear his family apart. On Raw, Angle will reveal the details to the world. The Raw GM will make the revelation alongside a loved one, whose identity has yet to be disclosed. Who is Angle bringing to Raw, and what will they have to say? No matter what, the WWE Hall of Famer’s life and career are about to change forever. Additionally, WWE.com has learned that following Raw, Angle is scheduled to give a live interview exclusively on WWE Network. Will it be to elaborate on whatever announcement he has in store?”

Word going on is that this is going to be an illegitimate son storyline where one of the American Alpha members will be revealed as Angle’s son. We’ll keep you updated regarding this.

UPDATE: American Alpha’s Jason Jordan was revealed as Angle’s son on Raw.

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