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SmackDown Wrestler Comments On If He’s Being Misused On The Main Roster, Gillberg & James Ellsworth Collide In A Match – Winner Becomes Double Champion


• SmackDown Wrestler Comments On If He’s Being Misused On The Main Roster

During a recent interview with The Whig, SmackDown Live wrestler Tyler Breeze talked about patience being the key to get over, busy WWE schedule, if he thinks he is being misused by WWE & more.

Below are the highlights:

On patience being the key to get over:

“I understand that it’s hard in our world nowadays. Everything is so fast moving. If you lose someone’s attention, they’re on their phone checking something because you can scroll through endless feeds. But it’s very much a patience game. It’s a long-term thing. It’s about being around. The more years you’re around, people kind of go, ‘Tyler Breeze, Tyler Breeze, Tyler Breeze … I’m used to seeing him.’ You build that fan base that rallies behind you and eventually gets to the point where you can’t ignore it and they go, ‘You know what? This is somebody that people care about and we’ve got to do something.’ It’s all about being patient.”

On busy WWE schedule:

“We don’t really have an off-season. We’re kind of geared toward WrestleMania right now, but as soon we’re done, we’re heading over to Europe. We’ve got tours over there. And as soon as we get back from that, everybody’s already gearing to SummerSlam. And then SummerSlam onto Survivor Series and then Survivor Series onto Royal Rumble and then we’re back around to Mania.

You don’t really have a chance to kind of slow down. If you do, everybody’s going to pass you by because everybody’s hungry and our roster is so full of talent right now that there’s only so many spots on those TV shows and if you want them, you’ve got to work hard to get them.”

On if he thinks he is being misused by WWE:

“It’s easy to look at it like that. I don’t like to look at it like that. I’m still very young, I’ve still got a lot of career ahead of me. It’s not really about being misused. I like to use Shawn Michaels as a reference where he came up and he never really even became the Heartbreak Kid until he was eight or nine years in WWE. Everything takes time.”

On being Fandango’s tag team partner:

“Getting paired with Fandango … the first little while, we were kind of struggling to find what our chemistry was and then finally it clicked and everything just finds its place. I think being here with Fandango really helps. I help him out, he helps me out, and I think we’ve really built something special.

We were both trying to figure out what our chemistry was, and all of the sudden we just started throwing ideas out there and one of them was to be the Fashion Police. We filmed little videos and then all of a sudden it kind of just took off. We just have a lot of fun with it and other people have joined in and they would have fun with it. All of a sudden it became a thing that was every week on SmackDown for about eight months. It definitely played a big part in kind of getting some momentum behind us.”

• Gillberg & James Ellsworth Collide In A Match – Winner Becomes Double Champion

At a recent IWC Pro Wrestling event, Gillberg & James Ellsworth squared off in their “epic dream match”. Ellsworth was billed at a weight of 169 lbs and Gillberg at 205 lbs.

Ellsworth survived a Spear from Gillberg and delivered “No Chin Music” twice to put away Gillberg and win the match. With this win, Ellsworth won the IWC High Stakes Championship from Gillberg. It should be noted that Ellsworth was already Intergender Champion heading into this match.

You can watch the complete match (including entrances) below:

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