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Spoiler On Winner Of The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal At WrestleMania 34

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal WrestleMania

• Former WWE Wrestler Comments On Hating The Original Version Of NXT

During a recent appearance on Cerrito Live, former WWE wrestler Darren Young talked about hating the first season of NXT and what he thinks of NXT now.

Below is what Darren said:

“Honestly, the first season of NXT, I hated it. Anytime they’d tighten up those yellow ropes, I’d have nightmares. If I wanted to do American Gladiators or American Ninja Warrior, I would’ve signed up for that, but with all these challenges, juggling and obstacle courses, I’m like, ‘this isn’t wrestling.’

What NXT is now is incredible! They have great talent. They have so many great matches. NXT now is incredible, but for the first season of NXT? I couldn’t stand it. I couldn’t stand it at all.”

• Spoiler On The Winner Of The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal At WrestleMania 34

At WrestleMania 34, the 5th annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal will take place. There’s backstage talks of pushing the match this year due to HBO Sports’ documentary on Andre the Giant premiering just 2 days after WrestleMania 34.

WWE officials think they would be able to work on more projects with Bill Simmons (man behind the Andre documentary) & HBO Network if this Andre documentary draws strong viewership.

According to DirtySheets.Net, current plan is for SmackDown Live Superstar Rusev to win this match and give the fans a feel good moment to kick off the show as Rusev is over with the fans with his new “Rusev Day” gimmick (if this match is on the Kickoff Show or the first match on the main show).

There was a 100% possibility of Braun Strowman winning the match IF he entered it, but he won’t as he’ll be involved in a match with Raw Tag Team Champions The Bar.

One main reason behind WWE officials wanting Rusev to win the match is because of his strong merchandise sales (Rusev Day T-Shirts).

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