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3. Bobby Heenan’s Cause Of Death Revealed

As we all know, Old School WWF Legend Bobby “The Brain” Heenan passed away at the age of 73. Heenan’s health worsened over the past few weeks, with him becoming immobile near the end of August. Heenan’s daughter noted on Facebook that her father was sick for weeks, but his death was sudden and that he was surrounded by his family when he passed away.

According to TampaBay.com, Heenan’s obituary notes that he died from organ failure due to cancer (he was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2002). TMZ Sports caught up with “The Game” Triple H and below is what the 14 time World Champion said about “The Brain”:

“I loved Bobby, he was a great guy, probably one of the naturally funniest guys ever. Look back on the WWE Network and watch Bobby get put into the WWE Hall of Fame. He did probably an hour of stand-up without a note. He was one of the all-time best ever. What people don’t know is, Bobby could have done any of this, he was one of the best in-ring performers there was, he just chose not to do it.”

Below is the video tribute that WWE played for Heenan on last night’s Raw:

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