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18. Former WWE Diva Says She Doesn’t Date Black Guys (Unfairly Labeled A Racist After This), When Will The New Day Return To WWE Programming?

– During a recent interview with TMZ Sports, former WWE Diva Cameron was asked about The Rock possibly running for President in the future and if she dates white guys.

Cameron said she’s all for “The People’s Champion” become the President of the United States of America and said that he’s the wrestler from WWE that has made a name for himself.

Also, Cameron said that she only dates white guys (and doesn’t date black guys) because of the following reason:

“I just have a thing for white boys. A little vanilla, a little chocolate, they make cute babies.”

You can watch the interview below:

UPDATE: Soon after this video was published, people labeled Cameron a racist. Below is what TMZ Sports posted about this:

Ex-WWE star Cameron — real name Ariane Andrew — says she’s being UNFAIRLY labeled a racist because she only dates white men … telling TMZ Sports, “We all have a preference.”

Andrew — who’s black — came under fire over the weekend after telling our photog she doesn’t date black guys and thinks mixed raced couples make “beautiful babies.”

But Andrew says just because she’s attracted to white guys doesn’t make her a racist — “It’s a preference thing.”
Andrew says she’s definitely open to dating men of all races … “If you’re dope, you’re dope.”

– Former WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day, who haven’t made an appearance on WWE programming since being drafted to SmackDown Live during the Superstar Shake-Up, are scheduled to return to WWE TV by early June.

WWE officials were waiting for Kofi Kingston to heal from his injury and it looks like Kofi will be good to go in a few weeks.

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