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13. Kurt Angle Talks About Possibly Getting A High Profile Match & A Title Run

During a recent interview with Esquire Middle East, WWE Hall of Famer & current Raw General Manager Kurt Angle talked about his retirement, a perfect opponent for a future match, WrestleMania & more. Below are the highlights:

On what’s the best way to end his career:

“My main aim would just be to contribute and wrestle some of the younger guys. There’s a lot of great talent right now and I’d love to be able to mix it up with them. I would also imagine that, being who I am, I’d get a pretty high profile match at WrestleMania if I did wrestle again. And yeah, I think everybody wants a title-run. I’m 48 years old – I’m still in great shape, I can still go pretty hard in the ring, but then again there are other talents out there that need the title more than I do. Don’t get me wrong it would be a lot of fun if I did get a title run, but at the same time as long as I’m contributing and helping out the company I’d be happy with that.”

On which current WWE Superstar would be a perfect opponent for him:

“There are obviously a lot of guys out there but one that I think I could have a really meaningful feud with would be Rusev. I really like the way he competes in the ring. I love his persona and I think I’d be able to have a nice program with Rusev. He’s a very talented individual, and I think that the clash of our styles would work very well.”

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