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9. Famous WWF Diva Admits She Had An Abortion In 1994

Old School WWF Diva, WWE Hall of Famer Sunny admitted in a post on Facebook, that she was impregnated by long-term boyfriend “Skip” Chris Candido (of The Bodydonnas) in 1994, but with their career in Professional Wrestling beginning to take off, she decided to have an abortion. Both were in Smoky Mountain Wrestling at that time and were about to get signed by the World Wrestling Federation shortly thereafter.

Here’s what Sunny posted:

“No one knows this…. but Chris and I were pregnant when we were 20. If we kept it, we’d have a 23 year old right now. That child would be without a father. We even named the baby. He/she would have been Taylor Candito. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have an abortion, because I would have a part of him right now. But the timing was so wrong. I miss him so much. I’m really hurting tonight.”

Chris Candido passed away on April 28, 2005 due to a blood clot, a result from a complication during surgery.

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