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Why Triple H Didn’t Wait Until Royal Rumble 2024 For CM Punk’s Return

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Below are some top WWE news stories of the day, involving Randy Orton, CM Punk, Ryback and IYO SKY.

• Both Randy Orton and CM Punk returned at last night’s WWE Survivor Series 2023 premium live event.

To greet Orton (his WrestleMania 27 opponent), Punk did the iconic Randy Orton pose. Orton then waved hi at Punk and Punk waved back.

You can watch it below:

• According to PWInsider, there were discussions to hold off on CM Punk’s return until Royal Rumble 2024, exactly 10 years since his departure, but Triple H knew the news would get leaked by then, so he decided to book Punk’s return in Chicago.

Also, TNA made a big money offer to Punk, but it was over for them once WWE entered the picture.

• Former WWE Superstar Ryback put his career on the line at Survivor Series. He tweeted the following before the PLE:

“If CM Punk returns tonight, I will officially retire from pro wrestling.”

After Punk returned to WWE, The Big Guy refused to retire. Below is what he posted:

“I will not be retiring. He had to return to AEW and that did not happen.”

All Elite Wrestling aired their Rampage and Collision TV shows LIVE last night as well.

In an update on this situation, Ryback is putting his career on the line once again with the following condition regarding Punk’s WWE return:

“I give it 6 months max. If I’m wrong I will retire.”

• WWE Women’s Champion IYO SKY had a rough night at Survivor Series. During the Women’s WarGames match, Charlotte Flair performed a Moonsault from the top of the cage and her knee struck IYO in the head while going down.

IYO was also hit in the head with a hard kendo stick shot. You can check out the aftereffects below:

IYO SKY Head Face Scare Injury Hurt WWE Survivor Series 2023 Women's War Games Match

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