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WrestleMania 33 (Live Coverage & Results) – Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns & More – Part 7

Styles has the match in his control again as he dropkicks Shane straight into the announcer’s chair!

AJ goes for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Shane hits the ropes and this results in Styles losing his balance and falling down.

Shane has now rattled AJ with a series of punches and then a flying elbow drop. Shane now hits a big back drop and an Angle Slam to honor the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2017 inductee, Kurt Angle.

Styles now locks-in the Calf Crusher and Shane’s in trouble. Shane counters and gets out of the hold and applies a rear naked choke now! Shane changes the hold and locks-in the Cross-arm breaker now. AJ manages to get out of it and now both men are down when they clothesline each other at the same time.

Styles not goes for the springboard 450 splash and lands straight between Shane’s legs and Shane locks-in the Triangle Choke Hold. Styles shows his strength now and lifts Shane’s 230 lbs frame up from that position and hits a Styles Clash, but Shane O’Mac kicks out!

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