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WWE In Dispute With Cristiano Ronaldo, Triple H Made His WWF Debut 23 Years Ago Today

Triple H HHH Hunter Hearst Helmsley - Intercontinental Champion

• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (April 26, 1995) – Triple H’s WWF Debut

On this day in Pro Wrestling history on April 26, 1995, Triple H (known as Hunter Hearst Helmsley at that point) made his WWF debut at a TV taping.

He went on to defeat Buck Zumhofe. You can watch his debut below:

• Ronda Rousey Recalls Natalya Training Her Before Royal Rumble 2018

“The Baddest Woman On The Planet” Ronda Rousey posted the following on Instagram regarding how Natalya has helped her in preparing for WWE:

“Natalya showing me how to do the sharpshooter at Santino Bros. Wrestling – back when I was still training in secret before the Royal Rumble, she took the time to fly out just to help, was trustworthy enough to keep my training a secret, and passed along 3rd generation knowledge and experience I’m still clamoring to collect. Thank you for believing in me when I had been dismissed by so many others.”

• WWE In Dispute With Cristiano Ronaldo

DirtySheets.Net exclusively revealed that WWE is in a dispute with Cristiano Ronaldo.

The dispute is regarding WWE trying to make an app similar to Cristiano Ronaldo’s “CR7 Selfie” app, which allows people to take selfies with Ronaldo.

WWE tried to create a similar app which would allow people to take selfies with WWE Superstars, but the patent to this idea is owned by Ronaldo’s company and WWE didn’t know about this.

This WWE app was scheduled to launch during the WrestleMania season, but got blocked by Ronaldo’s company.

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