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WWE Reacts To Incident Of A Man Killing 2 Year Old Girl With “Batista Bomb”


• Two Title Matches Take Place Before & After This Week’s SmackDown Live

Before this week’s episode of SmackDown Live began, Jeff Hardy defeated Shelton Benjamin in a dark match to retain his United States Championship.

In the SmackDown Live dark main event (which takes place after 205 Live goes off the air), Carmella defeated Charlotte Flair to retain her SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Carmella picked up the win by putting her feet on the ropes to pin Charlotte. Charlotte beat her up after the match.

You can watch this match below:

• WWE Reacts To Incident Of A Man Killing 2 Year Old Girl With “Batista Bomb”

A 2 year old girl died after suffering head injuries when her mother’s boyfriend performed a “Batista Bomb” on her while “playing too rough”.

When the police officers and EMS personnel arrived to the scene, Addie was having a seizure and showing signs of physical trauma.

24 Year old Richard Gamache Jr. admitted that he inflicted bruises and injuries to Addie Cook’s face (the 2 year old girl) while “playing” with her. The girl passed away at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Missouri on May 19th after suffering face & head injuries.

Gamache has been arrested and charged with abuse & neglect of a child. Cheyenne Cook (Addie’s mother), who is 19 years old, has also been arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

According to police investigation, Cheyenne was aware that her boyfriend was abusing her daughter, but she didn’t confront him as she was afraid it could affect their relationship. She was also afraid that she would lose the custody of her daughter due to the visible bruises & injuries, so she covered up her boyfriend’s act.

Addie’s step-grandfather, Jim Boyce, said the following after this incident:

“They removed part of her skull to relieve pressure off of her. I didn’t get to see her until four in the morning and it looked like she was in a bar fight from head to toe.

It’s terrible. I just couldn’t understand how somebody could do that to a 30-pound baby. I mean, it looked like she got run over, that’s how bad she looked”

WWE issued the following statement regarding this incident:

“We are deeply saddened by this tragic death and hope that the guilty parties are brought to justice. There is no excuse or justification for the brutal and ultimately fatal beating of a 2-year-old child by a grown man. This is a clear case of criminal intent and a lack of parental supervision.”

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