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WWF Legend Recalls Throwing Tobacco Spit In The Rock’s Face, Lucha Underground Offered The Young Bucks $200 Each

The Rock

• Lucha Underground Offered The Young Bucks $200 Each

During a recent appearance on X-Pac 12360 podcast, WCW Veteran Konnan revealed that Lucha Underground offered top indy tag team The Young Bucks $200 each.

Below is the story as told by Konnan:

“The reason I went to PWG the first time was because I took Dorian Roldan from AAA and Chris Joseph, who was the writer for Lucha Underground, ’cause originally I was suppose to write the show with Chris. And so, I was like, ‘ Bro, you need to go to PWG and I am going to show you some guys you’re going to love.’

So you know I recommended Kevin Steen, The Young Bucks, Ricochet, Brian Cage, Willie Mack. They were like ‘Oh, the Young Bucks, they should get new gear…’ I’m like ‘No, they’re making fun of it, that’s the gimmick.’

I convinced the Young Bucks to call Lucha Underground because I could get them a contract and I was going to put them in a trio with John Morrison cause they’re all from LA. And bro, they offered them $200 each. The Young Bucks were pi$$ed, he wrote back, ‘Yeah now for them, for us to go there, they’re going to have to pay us $1,500 each, non negotiable.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, exactly.'”

• WWF Legend Recalls Throwing Tobacco Spit In The Rock’s Face

During a recent edition of “Talk Is Jericho” podcast, Old School WWF Legend Chris Jericho recalled throwing tobacco spit in fellow WWF Legend The Rock’s face. Below is the story:

“When I first came to the WWF nobody liked me, except for The Rock. He was really cool, really liked me. He was kinda the first kinda bigger named guy that I worked with a few times.

And we used to fight through the crowd. And we used to grab anything you could find in the crowd, a glass of beer and just throw it in the guy’s face. If someone had a soda, you’d take the top off and throw it in the guy’s face. So when in Rome, you’re trying to fit in and be a top heel and I’m fighting The Rock in the crowd.

I grab a cup and I throw it in his face. But it’s not beer, it’s not soda, it’s not coffee… it’s chewing tobacco spit. Yeah. So that goes in his face and you know how bad that smells. It just stinks and it reeks….and I’m trying to make a name for myself the best I can to be somebody and I’d just throw this cup of spit in the top guy’s face.

It was just such a rookie mistake to not look at what I’d thrown. And he couldn’t see, he was honestly blinded… it was just so awful. I was like so sorry man….I’m not that much of a jerk.”

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