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WWF Legend Talks About Wrestling Not Being About Moves

The Undertaker 1999

• Famous Old School WWF Personality Celebrates Her Birthday

Famous Old School WWF Personality Linda McMahon celebrates her 70th birthday today.

Linda is the famous wife of World Wrestling Federation promoter Vince McMahon Jr., and the mother of both, Stephanie McMahon & Shane McMahon.

She’s currently working as the Administrator of the Small Business Administration in the Trump Administration.


• WWF Legend Talks About Wrestling Not Being About Moves

Old School WWF Legend The Undertaker appeared on Ed Young’s ‘Wrastlin’ show this past weekend for a very interesting interview.

During the interview, The Undertaker talked about wrestling not being about the actual wrestling moves and you can read the conversation below:

ED YOUNG: I liked the character Undertaker because it’s all that energy that’s kind of contained but you let it out at the right time.

UNDERTAKER: I’m a firm believer in less is more, especially with my character. And when I talk to young guys… and athletes today, they’re off the chart. Just ridiculous how athletically talented the men and women are for that matter.

But wrestling and sports entertainment, it’s not about the moves. It really isn’t. It’s being able to evoke emotion in one facet or another. You have to either make people love you or you have to make them hate you, either way. And it doesn’t matter really which one.

I mean certain people like to be hated and other people like to be loved. But if you can’t bring that emotion out of your audience, you’re not going to have them for long. And a lot of times what happens with these young guys is (that) they’re so athletic, they’re so gifted.

They’ll do some kind of double crazy backflip off the top rope, land on somebody on the floor. And then that’s what the audience takes away – “This guy does crazy stuff.” You can only see that so many times before you’re like, “I’ve seen that. I need something new.” Well that’s a double backflip, (landed) onto somebody.

Now how do I up that? And that’s the position they sometimes back themselves into. They have to keep upping the ante. When you up the ante like that, then you increase your potential for injuries.

Guys like The Rock and Cena, Flair, all those guys like that, they had the ability to make you love them or make you hate them.

And Cena is such an anomaly because you don’t know one night they’re gonna go ballistically crazy for him or they’re gonna boo him out of the building. He is probably the most polarizing guy that’s come along in a long time because his fanbase is crazy. But what happens is he sells tickets. He works in front of full arenas. The same thing when Rock was there.

That’s the key. We tell stories. We use the wrestling moves to help tell the story, to bring that emotion out of your crowd and it’s all about love or hate. There’s a lot of guys that take a while to figure that part out. And by the time they do, they’re so beat up and injured and hurt.

A lot of people from different sports, football players or amateur wrestlers, you end up finding out is (that) these guys come out and they don’t look genuine because they’re trying to emulate or be like a wrestler they’ve watched on TV instead of being the wrestler that’s on TV.

I’ll use The Rock for example because he was really a charismatic guy. So you get somebody out there like, “Well I’ve watched The Rock, I’m gonna do it (like him)”. If you try to be something else then you have to make it yours. You got to own it.

If I’m trying to be The Rock, people are gonna see right through that. But if you can be the original individual, that’s the key to making people believing it and that’s what you have to do.

Take Stone Cold for instance. He was anti-establishment. And man, he was the guy. He was gonna tell the boss what he could do with it. And you believed it. And it wasn’t too far a stretch from who Steve really was. It was pumped up a little bit though but not too far.

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