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5 Trends WWE Creative Needs To Change In 2019

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WWE has been suffering from low ratings and attendance at events for the past couple of months. The quality of WWE’s shows have been declining ever since WrestleMania 35 and it should therefore not come as a surprise that the company’s viewership has reached a new low. RAW has been a far cry from the action-packed show which it once was.

It is very difficult to feel any sympathy for Vince McMahon at this point. The WWE has been contributing to its own demise over the past few years and the decline in viewership is merely a side effect of the decisions which the WWE has been making behind closed doors.

They made huge TV deals last year for both RAW and SmackDown so they don’t need to worry, but the problematic part is that FOX might cancel the deal if SmackDown still suffers from low ratings. This is why WWE needs to improve their storylines.

Here are five major creative mistakes WWE is continuously making and a little analysis on them.

5. Repetitive Storylines

WWE has been failing to give new talent any opportunities. We get to see the same matches on RAW every week with little back story. The current Dolph Ziggler/Kofi Kingston feud is a perfect example. They both have faced each other for more than 30 times in their careers yet WWE still wants to showcase more of their matches.

It’s fair to say that one of the main contributing factors to the consistently massive viewership drop is the monotonous nature of the show’s matches and that booking fresher matches more often could change that.

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