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“A whole lot of people know the absolute truth” – WWE Hall Of Famer On Jimmy Snuka – Nancy Argentino Incident

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The controversial 1983 death of Jimmy Snuka’s then girlfriend Nancy Argentino was heavily featured in a 2020 season 2 episode of Dark Side of the Ring on VICE TV.

On a recent episode of his weekly ‘Everybody’s Got a Pod’ podcast, WWF Legend Ted DiBiase Sr. was asked about whether Jimmy Snuka actually k*lled her or if it was a terrible accident.

Here’s what The Million Dollar Man replied:

“That story has been around for a long time. I wouldn’t know if there’s any truth to it. I mean, I’ll put it this way. The Jimmy Snuka I knew, I would say I don’t think he’d be capable of doing that. But things happen in people’s lives that change them.

And it could be that happened in a time in Jimmy’s life where, you know, maybe if it did happen, that is, it changed him, the realization of what he had done. I mean, that story’s round and round and round and I guess there’s a whole lot of people that know the absolute truth, but I’m not one of them.”

DiBiase then spoke about wrestling Snuka back in the World Wrestling Federation:

“It’s probably one of the only times I ever wrestled Snuka. That’s a testament to itself. It’s kind of like, there’s a lot of guys like Jake and I. We wrestled, and we’re in the ring together a lot over time. And so it wouldn’t be hard. It wouldn’t be very hard for us to have a good match because we know each other so well. And when you work with somebody long enough, where to go with it? But in this case, it was like, Wow. Yeah. No problem. No problem there. Not at all.”

‘Superfly’ Jimmy Snuka had a notable career with the WWF in the 1980s and early 90s, when he was celebrated for his high-flying and acrobatic wrestling style, which included his iconic Superfly Splash finisher.

Snuka’s charismatic personality and memorable feuds, particularly with Roddy Piper and Don Muraco, made him a fan favorite. He was inducted into the WWF Hall of Fame in 1996, leaving a lasting impact on the world of professional wrestling.

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