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Attitude Era Diva Says Women’s Wrestling Is At Its Best Right Now

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Attitude Era Diva & WWE Hall of Famer Molly Holly was interviewed by WrestlingInc, where she praised the current state of women in professional wrestling.

In 2015, a pivotal moment in WWE’s history ignited the #GiveDivasAChance movement, forever altering the landscape of women’s wrestling. Fast forward to today, and the transformation is remarkable.

Formerly known as Divas, these women are now rightfully referred to as Superstars, representing a significant shift in perception and equality within the wrestling industry. Titles once seen as secondary (at best) are now recognized as World Championships, underlining the immense skill and dedication of female competitors.

Headlining shows is no longer a rarity for women in WWE. This shift in prominence speaks volumes about the progress made since the era of Bra and Panties matches, a period that seems distant and outdated in comparison to today’s empowering narrative.

Molly Holly has witnessed this evolution firsthand. As a Backstage Producer for WWE, she’s intimately familiar with the challenges and triumphs of female talent. For someone like Holly, who experienced the limitations of her era, the current landscape feels almost surreal—a testament to the perseverance and dedication of those who fought for change.

However, amidst the celebration of progress, challenges persist. The depth of the women’s roster, while a testament to its strength, also presents a double-edged sword. Many talented individuals struggle to secure coveted TV airtime, a reminder that there’s still work to be done to ensure equal opportunities for all.

Here’s what Molly had to say:

“I love how the women’s wrestling has evolved and how it’s changed, and it is the best it has ever been. You could put anybody, whether it’s a popular character or even someone who’s maybe not used on TV as much, you could put anybody in any combination on TV, and they would give the top-notch, like premium live event quality, everything.

I’m just so impressed with the entire roster. Sometimes they’ll just be like in a backstage segment or someone passing behind the scenes, or like a tag match where someone’s only in the ring for two minutes, and I’m like, ‘Oh, I wish they could really show more’.

But on RAW, it’s already a three-hour show. There’s lots of stories to tell, so that’s the only thing that I wish. I wish that everyone could have a 20-minute match every week. But really the fact that these women, they are capable of doing it. It makes me feel proud. Like, wow, look how far they’ve come.”

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