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Auschwitz Memorial Calls Out WWE For WrestleMania 39 Controversy

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• Auschwitz Memorial Calls Out WWE For WrestleMania 39 Controversy

At WrestleMania 39 Saturday, Rey Mysterio defeated Dominik Mysterio in a Father vs. Son match.

The match saw Judgment Day, Legado Del Fantasma, Bad Bunny, Angie & Aalyah Mysterio get involved.

During the promo for this match that was shown on the Kickoff Show, Auschwitz concentration camp was shown for Dominik’s prison character, which caused controversy on Social Media.

Auschwitz concentration camp was a complex of over 40 concentration and extermination camps operated by Nazi Germany in occupied Poland during World War II and the Holocaust. Over 1.1 million people lost their lives at this camp.

However, this footage was removed from the promo before the match on the main PPV show on Peacock.

Auschwitz Memorial issued the following statement about this on Twitter:

“The fact that Auschwitz image was used to promote a WWE match is hard to call ‘an editing mistake’.

Exploiting the site that became a symbol of enormous human tragedy is shameless and insults the memory of all victims of Auschwitz.”

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• Old School WCW Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WCW Veteran The Minotaur (Real name: Steve DiSalvo) celebrates his 74th birthday today.

During his professional wrestling career, “Strangler” Steve DiSalvo wrestled for many different promotions, including Calgary Stampede Wrestling (Canada), World Wrestling Council (Puerto Rico) and several U.S. independent promotions, but his biggest claim to fame was wrestling for Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling in 1991, performing under the name Minotaur.

The gimmick not just sounded like the 1995 WWF gimmick Mantaur (portrayed by Mike Halac), but they were both basically based on the same greek mythology character, the Greek Minotauros (or short Minotaur), half man, half bull.


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