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Backstage AEW Reaction To CM Punk Returning To WWE

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Below are a couple of top WWE & AEW news stories of the day, involving CM Punk and Kurt Angle.

• According to PWTorch, an AEW wrestler (who wasn’t upset about CM Punk’s departure from All Elite Wrestling) told them that they believe Punk will have a smoother experience in WWE.

This wrestler attributed this expectation to WWE having better leadership at all levels compared to AEW. However, the source noted that morale in the AEW locker room has improved since Punk left.

This AEW wrestler expressed confidence in Triple H’s leadership in WWE, suggesting that he will be a greater influence than AEW President Tony Khan.

The source also mentioned that Punk may have an incentive to behave well in WWE and prove that he wasn’t the cause of issues behind the scenes in AEW.

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• WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle will undergo a neck surgery in January 2024.

On his podcast, Angle said the following about why he’s having this surgery:

“Just so you know, I’m having neck surgery (at the) beginning of next year. They’re going to put in artificial disc replacements and it’s going to help [my hands].

I can’t really grab things and things always slip out of my hands and fall. I have horrible motor skills. My arms, they actually atrophied 3 inches each, and I don’t have any muscle [between my thumb and finger], this is completely flat. There are supposed to be muscle in there but it deteriorated. Atrophied.

So when I get these rubber discs or disc replacements, they’re going to open up the nerves so they can go down my arm so I can have better circulation.”

The recovery time from this surgery is two weeks.

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