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Backstage News On The Rock’s Return For WrestleMania 40

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The Rock’s WrestleMania 40 plan was not affected by CM Punk’s injury or Vince McMahon’s scandal.

According to the Wrestling Observer, The Rock’s return has been in the works for a while and that’s why they booked the T-Mobile Arena for the WrestleMania 40 Kickoff media event over a month ago:

“I know some people want to believe the Punk getting injured and the Vince stuff is the reason for the Dwayne stuff, but I mentioned this before that’s not the case.

They have booked T-Mobile for Thursday with Dwayne long ago. Like somebody there just mentioned it in passing. It’s not like you can get T-Mobile Arena four days in advance for something we’re changing. This thing is something they booked way in advance.

So, this thing was, when I mentioned January 3rd, to make a date and have an agreement on January 3rd, there was pretty much an understanding well before that. So, they kept that one quiet and you know how it all plays out. Whatever it is, it’s working.”

After the angle between The Rock and Cody Rhodes on Friday’s SmackDown, WWE sold a lot of extra tickets for Monday’s RAW.

Here’s what the Observer reported:

“A couple of days ago, they had 7,600 tickets out, there [were] over 10,000 people there (on Monday’s RAW).

You don’t move that many tickets from Friday to Monday ever, so whatever it is, people are buying this thing – they are paying to see it.

I think there’s gonna be a ton of people that will be there on Thursday (at the WrestleMania Kickoff media event).”

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