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Randy Orton orders to open the third door and is trying to escape, but Mahal stops him. Now Mahal tries to leave the ring, but Orton stops him.

The time runs out this time as well and only one door is left now. If they don’t manage to get out from the last door as well, then they’ll have to climb out of the inner structure as well.

Orton delivers a powerslam to Mahal. Orton orders to open the fourth and final door. Time is running out and Orton is not escaping and is waiting to hit the RKO. Mahal hits Orton with a Knee and goes for the Khallas, but Orton nails an RKO out of nowhere!

However, The Singh Brothers arrive and they pull Mahal out of the inner structure and Orton is trapped inside the inner structure as time ran out.

Orton is now climbing the inner structure and Mahal is climbing the outer structure. Orton gets to the outer structure straight from the top of the inner structure!


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