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3. Eric Bischoff Talks About The Great Muta Joining The nWo Being Similar To WWE Putting The World Title On Jinder Mahal

During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Eric Bischoff discussed the nWo and The Great Muta joining the stable. Bischoff talked about how that decision was similar to WWE putting their World Title on Jinder Mahal. Below is what Bischoff had to say:

“The decision for Muta to join the NWO was as strategic a decision as it was creative. It was important to me to bring in Mexican wrestlers, I wanted that Hispanic flavor and tone and presentation within our show. I wanted to have a Japanese influence and presence on our show, and I wanted Nitro to have an international appeal, much like WWE recently did with Jinder Mahal. It just made a tremendous amount of sense to bring Muta into the NWO and have him be part of the most important thing we were doing. That gave us the ability to expand our content into Japan, which we did successfully.

A year later, I walked around a big shopping area in Shinjuku in Japan and saw people wearing NWO t-shirts. This was not only a good creative decision, it was an excellent strategic t-shirt that presented new opportunities in merchandising we otherwise wouldn’t have had.”

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