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6. Al Snow On Wanting To Quit WWF In 1997, Josh Mathews’ Success Being His Success As Well

During a recent interview with Real Sport, WWF Veteran Al Snow talked about Josh Mathews, wanting to leave WWF in 1997 & more. Below are the highlights:

On Josh Mathews’ success being his success as well:

“I couldn’t be prouder. Josh is one of my kids. You know, Josh was probably one of the most physically talented ones of Tough Enough 1, the show.Maven had the charisma. Chris Nowinski had the size, the look, and had that innate heel charisma, just something that made you not like him for some reason. And then Josh Mathews had the physical talent and ability, he just didn’t have the size. A lot of those guys at the time, I remember having the conversation with Josh, saying ‘Listen, if you don’t win the contract, don’t worry, the right thing will happen at the right time for the right reason here, and you’ll have a career.’ You know, John Gaburick and I saw Josh when we were at Stamford, Connecticut. Josh kinda was joking around and did some color commentary one time when we were at the studio, and I could see he had a talent and so did John, and we got him an opportunity to be a commentator. He had an amazing career with WWE and was able to use that as a way to get an opportunity with Impact Wrestling, and you know he just keeps going forward. I could not be prouder of Josh. His success is my success. I’m thrilled by it.”

On wanting to leave the WWF in 1997:

“Oh, back in ’97. Yeah. At that time, I was pretty frustrated and had a pretty bad attitude and was pointing fingers at everybody else instead of pointing them at myself as far as my not taking advantage of opportunities that were presented to me. That invasion, I think probably saved my career because that partnership and cooperation between Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman allowed me to recreate myself. I tried to quit WWF at the time. I had a contract and asked for my release, and kind of to teach me a lesson, I wasn’t allowed to have the release.

But I was able to talk to Chris Candido, god rest his soul, and he talked to Paul Heyman, and Paul Heyman talked to Vince and got me put on loan to ECW. So I could take advantage of an opportunity to go somewhere else, recreate myself, and to get myself back over, make myself a brand or product that they would ask me to come back. And it worked, and I’m so grateful for that chance.”

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